Last week saw the start of the new Samoa Joe NXT title reign as he beat former TNA Impact Wrestling friend Eric Young. This week, former champion Finn Balor arrives and calls out Samoa Joe. Also on hand, Shinsuke Nakamura makes his Full Sail debut and the tag team champions, American Alpha, are on hand for a non-title match.

Finn Balor Opens the Show

Finn Balor made his way to the ring and the fans started chanting “Thank You Finn.” He said he should be the one thanking them. He mentioned how he beat Samoa Joe in London and then he beat Joe in Dallas. Then, they fought again in Lowell, but … Elias Samson interrupted him by playing his guitar to the ring and singing a song about Balor. When he told Balor that he was nothing without the title, Balor hit him with a Pele kick and then tossed the guitar from the ring.

A recap came up next of Eric Young’s interview from last week.

American Alpha beat Corey Hollis and John Skylar (**)

American Alpha totally channeled the Steiner Bros. in this match, even going so far as to have Jordan mimic Rick’s running around the ring while Gable celebrated in the middle like Scott. The Revival came out during the match and distracted them, but they were in complete control and won anyway. After the match, they challenged The Revival to come in but they said they will decide when they get their rematch and said: “keep up the good work.”

Shinsuke Nakamura beat Alex Riley (**)

Last week, Alex Riley talked smack about Shinsuke Nakamura being small and insignificant. This week, Shinsuke just shook like a spaz in response. Alex Riley attacked early and took the advantage by overpowering Nakamura. However, he disrespected him one too many times and Shinsuke killed Riley. He ended winning with his running knee and that was it. Riley was released this week by the WWE and rumors have Shinsuke Nakamura fighting John Cena at house shows next month.

Austin Aries Appearance

Backstage, Austin Aries was talking to William Regal about being a huge difference maker and not wanting to be just another guy, and Regal agreed with that assessment. Blake and Murphy interrupted and demanded a tag title shot. Aries said they were disrespectful and could have at least brought Alexa Bliss, so she walked in too. Regal booked Blake and Murphy to fight Aries and a partner of his choosing next week, so they accepted and Aries pulled out his phone.

Alexa Bliss beat Rachel Ellering (*)

Rachel Ellering is the daughter of Precious Paul Ellering, the former manager of The Road Warriors. She is also a bronze medal-winning powerlifter. The last match for Alexa saw her beat Tully Blanchard’s daughter, so this is a trend for her. The match was too long and pretty slow going. Bliss won with the Sparkle Splash.

Bayley Backstage

Bayley was interviewed backstage and said she was not sure when she would enact her rematch with Asuka but she is going to work towards that moment. Nia Jax came up and talked smack to her and said when she made a mistake, she got stronger, but when Bayley made a mistake, she became weaker. Bayley reminded Nia that she dominated her last month, but Bayley choked her out and that would happen if they fought again. They will fight next week, so that is two matches set up for next week’s show.

Finn Balor beat Elias Samson (*)

Finn Balor can make almost anyone look good – except for Elias Samson. This match was really bad and Samson was to blame. The crowd was DEAD while Samson was on the offensive and only heated up when Balor took over. It ended with Balor hitting his 1916 finishing move. After the match, Balor said he wanted his rematch against Joe and that brought out Samoa Joe. Before anything could happen, William Regal ran out and booked the rematch for the next NXT: Takeover event. Joe was mad and said Balor didn’t deserve it so Balor hit a running suicide bomb and took out Joe. The post-match stuff was great.

[Image via WWE]