In Storybrooke

Hades is happy to be in the land of the living, with Zelena and her baby. But Zelena is worried because Regina isn’t here like she expected. Hades assures her that Regina will be along, but Zelena decides to look for her, leaving the baby with Hades. King Arthur, on the run, meets Hades. Hades needs help ruling the Underworld so he kills Arthur.

Arthur arrives at the Blind Witch’s diner and meets Hook. Hook wants to know who killed him. Once he finds out it’s Hades, he convinces Arthur to go on a quest to find Hades’ weakness in the hopes of finding Arthur’s unfinished business.

Merida brings Emma and Charming to Arthur’s body and Emma decides they need to kill Hades. Zelena finds Regina and Robin, and Regina demands answers. Zelena is convinced Hades has changed and refuses to believe Regina’s stories about how he tried to trap them in the Underworld.

Olympian Crystal

Zelena goes to Hades and tells him that Regina threatened her and Hades says he can’t lose her or the baby. He will give up his freedom for her, but Zelena begs him not to because she can’t lose him again. She agrees they need to defend themselves. Hades reveals the Olympian Crystal: a powerful magical object that once belonged to Zeus. The Crystal ends you–no afterlife, no Underworld. Zeus broke it because he didn’t want his brother to have and since Hades didn’t have a heart he couldn’t put it back together. But now he can fix it and they can rule Storybrooke together. Zelena just wants to be happy with Hades. They are interrupted by a call from Rumple, who has found out about Hades from Emma. He offers protection in exchange for the crystal.

Regina tells the group that Zelena has put a protection spell on the Town Hall, but there are underground tunnels that she can access to get them in to talk to Zelena. Emma wants to join, but Regina says she is grief stricken and can’t join. Robin decides to go instead.

Hades’ Pages

Hook and Arthur arrive at the cave of wonders looking for the storybook pages Hades stole. Arthur doesn’t want to help until he learns Hook is doing this for Emma, who risked everything to save him. Arthur finds the missing pages in Hades’ throne, which says the way to kill him is through the Olympian Crystal. They go to Cruella who says there is no way to get a message out to people, but that the storybook is in the River of Souls. They find the book in the hands of a stone gargoyle. While Hook tries to take it, Arthur gets attacked by a wraith from the river. Hook saves Arthur while another wraith grabs the book. Arthur kills the other wraith who drops the storybook, but Hook catches it before it lands in the River of Souls.

Emma is searching for answers when the Storybook magically opens to reveal the pages Hook put in.

Zelena’s Choice

Robin and Regina are walking through the tunnel. Regina apologizes to Robin for trusting Zelena, but he agrees with her because she¬†has taught him that people are capable of change. Hades is still piecing the crystal back together while Zelena says they should just leave Storybrooke. Emma shows up which causes Zelena and Hades to leave the room, allowing Regina and Robin to try to get the baby. Zelena tells Emma she can’t defeat a god, but Emma shows her the pages which just makes Zelena angrier.

Hades finds Regina and Robin and shows them the Crystal. He wants to use it on Regina to get back at her for coming between him and Zelena, even though he could lose Zelena forever. Hades tries to kill Regina, but Robin jumps in front of her and dies.

Hades admits he trapped them in Storybooke. He wanted to create a new kingdom in Storybrooke, but Zelena doesn’t understand why they can’t just live and be happy. Regina tackles Hades, and Zelena gets the crystal, which Hades tries to tell Zelena to use to kill Regina. Regina tells her sister how she just wanted her to find love, but sometimes that doesn’t work. Robin died protecting her because that’s love, but Hades won’t give up anything for her. Zelena uses the crystal to stab Hades and the two sisters console each other over their mutual losses.

Robin’s Funeral

Emma leaves Hook’s flask at his grave before joining the funeral for Robin. Everyone leaves an arrow with a rose on Robin’s coffin. Regina says they never got to name the baby, which Zelena says should be Robin. Emma asks for some time at his grave. Snow assures her this wasn’t her fault. After everyone is gone, Emma is surprised by Hook.

After helping Emma with the pages, he was allowed to move on and he came to Zeus. He granted Hook a new life in return for defeating Hades.

As for Gold, he got the shard of crystal that he asked for earlier.

[Photo by Jack Rowand/ABC]