In Bonnie’s Mind

Bonnie has just woken up when Caroline and Alaric run to get her something to eat. But she throws Enzo into the fire and then decapitates Caroline. It was just a dream. Bonnie hasn’t woken up yet and they don’t know why.

Alaric helps Caroline move Bonnie to Damon’s bed and she sends him home. Their girls have been without parents for a long enough time. Caroline can’t leave Bonnie because she believes she is the best person to be there for her when she wakes up. With Alaric gone, Stefan joins. Rayna once told him that she had to kill him, but she didn’t want to. She was able to fight that part of her for a short time. If they are able to get into Bonnie’s subconscious, they might be able to convince her that not all vampires are bad. Caroline wants to go first.

Inside Bonnie’s mind, she is in the middle of a college class taught by Alaric. But Alaric is a vampire, along with every else. Bonnie escapes to her room, where Caroline is waiting for her. Bonnie seems her old self, hugging Caroline, and being aware that her memories are being altered. Caroline tells her she has to resist what is happening to her, but Bonnie doesn’t listen.


As blood comes in under the door and Caroline turns into a vampire and Bonnie stakes her. This sends Caroline back to the real world, where she has a scar from the stake. Caroline has been marked which means she has to run. At least that’s what Stefan tells her she has to do, but when she asks him to respect her decision not to run the vervains her and kidnaps her.

Enzo goes into Bonnie’s head. She is back in high school as a cheerleader before there were vampires in her world. Enzo takes her inside the high school to reunite her with music. He is giving her something to hold onto them. When she wrote music she fell in love with a vampire. He hands her a guitar and asks her to play the song they wrote. But Bonnie asks him to go because she would rather die than live to see the day where she destroys the memories of them. He refuses, so she breaks the guitar and stakes him in the heart. Enzo is marked.

Caroline wakes up in a motel by the airport. Caroline is mad that Stefan didn’t respect her choice. She sees this situation as she doesn’t deserve the same respect that Elena did. She doesn’t want to run and she won’t leave her family.

Stefan calls Damon and Damon said he was right to do what he did. Stefan realizes that if Damon agrees with him then he is probably wrong. Damon tells Stefan to be himself and that when you love someone, you go to extremes. This gives Damon an idea on how to wake Bonnie up.

Damon’s Plan

Damon takes Bonnie to Elena’s house. He tells her she is going to die and that will make him happy because he will get to see Elena. When Bonnie rips up his letter, he tells her he wishes he had never saved her in Amsterdam. He brought her here because it’s the spot where Bonnie will decide whether to give him Elena back or not. She rips his heart out and then wakes up. Damon is on the run.

Caroline says Stefan is right she can’t go home and put her family at risk. But she also knows what Stefan was going through three years ago and made a big decision without her. He tells her he went to Dallas and saw how happy she was so he convinced himself he was doing the right thing and Caroline is doing the same thing with Bonnie. Bonnie calls and tells Caroline she will be coming for her.┬áBonnie calls Damon and tells him she know where he is and she can feel what he is feeling.

On her way to find Damon, Bonnie runs into Matt, who offers to help her stay connected to her human side. Bonnie agrees to fight if Matt will, but only ofter she kills Damon.

Bonnie lays out her plan for Damon. She is going to dismember him and then burn him. And she is going to carve his heart out. All she sees when she looks at all she sees is everything she has lost. But Damon has a plan.

Bonnie breaks his arm and stakes his shoulder, they wind up at the stump that was once her grave. Damon says it symbolizes that she is a survivor and she will get through this. As Bonnie goes towards him, Damon tells her that if he has to die he wants it to happen here. Bonnie is about to stake him when he tells her he admires her. She has been a human, witch, ghost, anchor and now a hunter. And in his last moments, he tells her that he loves her the way Elena loved her and that this is his fault, but he wants her to forgive him before she kills him. She hesitates and Matt shows up and knocks Bonnie out with vervain. He agrees to keep Bonnie out of town while Damon finds a way to fix her. In the car, Bonnie chokes Matt and steals the car.

Stefan and Caroline are on their way to Maine. She calls the girls and tells them she loves them before Alaric tells her to keep moving. Stefan asks if she loves Alaric and she says she doesn’t know. She isn’t ready to make that decision yet.

The Everlasting

Enzo comes to Damon and tells him that Bonnie is linked to the Everlasting. If they break that link they might be able to break the curse. But the Everlasting is inside the Armory, which was sealed by Bonnie. Damon says they are going to open it.

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