Charming arrives at Arthur’s tent to confront him about destroying the Crimson Crown. He asks about Nimue because no one in Storybrooke knows who she is. Arthur tries to run away, but is stopped by Hook and they are all stopped by Emma. Hook tries to press her about why she needs Excalibur, but Emma refuses only saying cryptically it is all for him.

Three Weeks Earlier

Emma holds the Flame of Prometheus that will help her put Excalibur back together. She meets Henry at Granny’s, confused about what happened to Merlin. Merlin shows up asking for the flame. Arthur wants to make a trade: the flame for her family. Merlin begs her to not seek revenge like Nimue.

Emma goes to where Arthur and Zelena are holding her friends and family and offers up the box with the flame which release vines that capture Zelena. Merlin and Emma battle and she loses. Arthur is angry and he has Merlin kill Snow, but Emma tells him to fight the darkness while Hook gets free and attacks Arthur. Hook gets a cut on his neck, but Emma heals the injury. Emma now has the other half of the sword.

Rumple visits Emma and tells her not to remake the dagger. Henry shows up and interrupts their conversation and Emma admits she doesn’t want to give up the darkness. Henry tells her that him and Hook have been working on Operation Light Swan and shows her a piece of newspaper with a listing for a house that Hook had been planning to buy for them.

The group makes it back to Granny’s with Merlin, but Emma is still struggling with giving up the darkness. Regina goes to her outside and they share a moment. Regina tries to force Emma to admit why she doesn’t want to give up the power, but Emma won’t budge. Regina takes the dagger and forces Emma to reveal why, but her family interrupts and Emma runs away. Hook finds her and Emma shows him the paper with the house Hook wanted to buy for them. She admits she wants a future with him, but she’s afraid.


Hook finds Rumple in his shop and Rumple offers some Dark one advice. Rumple recognizes Emma’s behavior as regret. He says Emma is atoning for something because when you make a deal to become the Dark One, it’s at a cost. Hook has to give her a reason.

Hook calls Emma before jumping off a building and Emma saves him. He wants to know what happened in Camelot and tells her he loves her. He wants the truth. Emma tells him she wants to show him something and gives him the newspaper she kept with the house that he wanted to buy together. She kisses him and drugs him.

Zelena is in pain and is sure it is caused by dark magic. Emma has accelerated her pregnancy and she is ready to give birth. She has a baby girl and no one is injured during the process. Emma isn’t after the baby though she was after Zelena. Zelena joins Hook and Emma reveals her plan: Emma plans to transfer the darkness into a new vessel, Zelena. She will then use Excalibur to kill Zelena and the darkness will be forever destroyed.

Two Dark Ones

Regina shows up at the house with Snow and Charming. Regina and Snow are arguing about Emma when she shows up with the sword. She is ready to repay Regina for the favor she helped her with in Camelot. Hook uses his magical hook to free Zelena of her cuff. After Zelena frees Hook, she sneaks out while Hook remains in the house and finds squid ink, which he uses to freeze Emma. Zelena returns and helps Hook remember what really happened.

When Hook was wounded, it was a mortal wound since it came from Excalibur. When Emma attempted to put the sword back together, the magic undid itself, and Hook collapsed and started to die. Emma vowed to save him and so she tethers Hook to the sword, making him the Dark One as well. Hook is not happy that Emma made that decision for him especially because when he was dying he told her to let him go and save herself.