Fergus is giving Merida a bow to use in battle. He wants her to fight, but because her mother is worried, he has hired a soldier to keep her safe. It’s Mulan.

While Merida and Mulan are fighing, Merida realizes that Mulan brought her here to keep her away from the battle her dad was leading. She leaves and arrives at the fight just in time to see her father get killed. Merida tries to warn her father by shooting the attacker down, but misses. She doesn’t see the attacker, but we do and see it’s King Arthur.


Merida puts flowers on her father’s grave. We flash back to King Fergus going to visit the witch who gave Merida the spell of Mor’du because he wants help in leading his kingdom. The witch gives him a helm that will make his warriors follow him.

It is Merida’s coronation day which is interrupted by the witch saying her father never paid for the favor he asked before he died. If Merida doesn’t find and return the helm then the entire kingdom will be turned to bears. Turns out Fergus was wearing the helm when he was killed which means his killer could still have it.

Merida sets off to find it and runs into her old friend, Mulan, who is dealing with some thugs. Mulan doesn’t really want to help Merida, who is confused about what happened to Mulan in the past years. But Mulan does end up going with her.

Zelena and Arthur have come to DunBroch because Zelena has figured out that the helm can help them. They come across the witch’s house which is guarded by a wolf that Zelena subdues easily with magic. The witch claims she doesn’t know where the helm is, but Zelena threatens her into admitting that Merida has it.

Merida and Mulan find an arrow in the field that Merida recognizes belongs to her father’s killer and Zelena and Arthur catch up to them. Arthur reveals the helm’s true power and why he needs it to fight against Merlin. The helm makes everyone obey the person who is wearing it and has the power to make other men fight you back. Merida realizes that her father used magic instead of his own bravery to get his army to fight for him. Zelena steals Merida’s bow and Merida leaves Mulan, discouraged and ready to return home.


Mulan finds herself at the witch’s house where she is attacked by the wolf who turns out to be Ruby. Ruby ended up in the Enchanted Forest after Neal’s baby naming. Snow noticed Ruby hanging back and asked what was wrong. Ruby admitted she didn’t fell like she belonged since the curse was lifted and she was the only of her kind here. She grew a magic bean and used it to return to the forest only she couldn’t find any of her kind here either. She went to the witch for help who turned her into a guard wolf.

Mulan says she was at the witch’s house because she thought the witch would be able to help her find the person who killed Merida’s dad. Ruby says she might not have magic, but she has a nose and she can sniff him out.

Ruby leads them back to Zelena and Arthur and Merida finds out that Arthur killed her father. Arthur was on one of his searches for the missing pieces of Excalibur. Arthur says the helm he took from her father wasn’t the magic one. Mulan goes after Zelena and Ruby knocks her out with magic. Merida’s clan shows up to show her they have her back. Zelena and Arthur flee.

It’s back to Merida’s crowning and the witch interrupts again saying the helm was never bewitched. It was all a trick to make sure she would learn to lead. She gives her a magic potion that will allow her to talk to her dad.

Mulan opens up saying the reason she is so angry is because she is suffering from a broken heart. Ruby offers to take her on a journey to recover. And Merida uses the potion to talk to her dad who tells her that he didn’t use the helm after all because he was inspired by Merida. Merida learns she made her father proud and cries before vowing to make Arthur pay.