The staff of Renegade Cinema sat down and looked at the upcoming 2015 Award’s Season movie slate and picked out their five most anticipated movies of the upcoming fall/winter movie season.

From award winning entries to huge spectacle feature films, here is the third day of our week long look at this year’s biggest year-end movies. Check out which five films D-Rock is most interested in.

Honorable Mentions: Macbeth, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Bridge of Spies, and Spectre 


5. Sicario

Denis Villeneuve has a grim directing style which is unlike many others at the present moment. Each sequence is shot with such tensity and confidence that you feel yourself squirming just at the image. It can be something as simple as water dripping from a sink and you would feel yourself gripping your seat. Prisoners was by far one of my favorite film experiences from 2013 and I’ve been in anticipation of another film from him since. That movie, despite a few narrative flaws, truly defined exactly what a thriller should be. Take that chilling atmosphere, and throw in a story involving the drug cartel and you can guarantee I will show up. Sicario appears to be just that movie and Denis Villeneuve’s fingerprints shine all throughout the trailer. I’m truly excited to see what he does with this movie, as well as watching Emily Blunt bring another strong female presence to the big screen.


4. The Revenant

I have zero clue what exactly is going on in the trailer for The Revenant, and I honestly don’t care– I’m seeing it anyway. Why you ask? Well, you have three very good reasons right in front of you. The first being that it has Leonardo Dicaprio as the lead, and let’s be honest here… How often does Leo fail to deliver? The second reason is Tom Hardy. Do I really need to justify the second reason? The third reason is this will be the first major follow-up for Birdman director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, after winning Best Picture. The footage in the teaser is quite impressive, especially since the crew has decided to use nothing but natural lighting for filming. We probably won’t see The Revenant widely released until year’s end, but  cannot wait to experience the intensity of this footage in a theater.


3. Steve Jobs

Even though the tone may appear like The Social Network to a fault, I can’t help but be excited about Danny Boyle’s biopic of Steve Jobs. The energy in all the promotions for this film screams Oscars, and Michael Fassbender just seems sensational in his performance. Plus, after that last Steve Jobs effort with Ashton Kutcher, we needed a better film that would do the Steve Jobs story justice. Michael Fassbender seems to nail it and I’m eager to see what he brings to the character. Honestly, what better actor than Fassbender to tap into such a complex and powerful man? The film just has way too many great things going for it to just be overlooked this season, and I hope it delivers.


2. The Martian

I haven’t read the book, however, I hear it’s an incredible read. Great science fiction is a rare thing these days, and from the trailers, The Martian has the potential to be a crowd pleaser. I think we can all agree Prometheus wasn’t as great as it could have been, but when Ridley Scott has the right story, there isn’t a better director for Sci-Fi. I’m honestly glad that he decided to adapt something with an established well-rounded story this time rather than relying on another confusing script by Damon Lindelof. Personally, I’m unsure if this will end up as an award contender but it’s a film I’m truly excited about during the award season. If the buzz is correct, this is going to end up as a fun ride with great performances.


1. The Hateful Eight

Not that I have to explain my excitement for The Hateful Eight. I mean, we all know anytime a Quentin Tarantino movie rolls around there is reasons to be excited. I will admit the trailer does have me somewhat skeptical. I can’t fully explain why as of yet, but it just seems to lack something. That said, it’s just a promotion and I’m sure we will get more to chew on as the release approaches. Besides, this is the first epic western Kurt Russell has been involved in since Tombstone, and that alone has me invested. Not to mention Tarantino shot this on a large format using 70mm film.  We do not have many Tarantinos left in Hollywood, so for me this is my most anticipated for this awards season.  The man is just amazingly consistent with his projects.

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