Film geeks want Guillermo del Toro to get to work on Pacific Rim 2. Even more than that want Del Toro to finally get the right to make Hellboy 3. There are also people excited about his next big budget movie The Haunted Mansion. I personally am happy that his next movie is Crimson Peak, what looks like to be a return to the kind of del Toro films I love the most (Pan’s Labyrinth, Devils Backbone). His next movie sounds like it might be pretty cool as well, but might not be what film geeks want to see.

The word from Variety is that del Toro is making a small, independent movie next and that he is keeping the entire project under wraps for now. The Tracking Board reported a couple of weeks ago that del Toro had written a new kids movie that they called “Wall-E meets Splash.” The film was supposed to be produced by Fox Searchlight, which slides into the idea that the new movie is independently financed.

Now, anyone who wonders what a Guillermo del Toro children’s movie might look like should remember The Book of LIfe, a movie that del Toro didn’t direct, but developed. That movie was about a bullfighter and musician vying for a girl’s love and then one of them dies and goes to the Land of the Dead where he has to find a way to return to save her. Yeah, a del Toro kid’s movie is a lot more than just fluffy kid’s stuff.

Guillermo del Toro loves fairy tales more than just about anything outside of gothic melodrama, so I am all for a del Toro kids flick.

But, what does “Wall-E meets Splash” mean? I don’t know if even del Toro would make a kids movie with robot-human love, but maybe a robot who wants to become a human could work under his hands. Actually, I would rather not know the facts of the story in too much detail because del Toro has the effect to really surprise me with his films, and that is a lot of the fun in watching them.

As for Pacific Rim 2, the studio still says it is shelved indefinitely while del Toro said that its not cancelled, just postponed. Crimson Peak opens in theaters October 16 and Renegade Cinema will have your review.

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