Enchanted Forest

This week started back in the Enchanted Forest with Regina stopping her carriage to bother some common people who have gathered for a wedding in the meadow. Regina says they are on royal lands and have no permissions to marry there. She yanks out the heart of the groom after her father made her mad. Regina tells them to use the church next time and walks off.

Regina heads to Daniel’s grave and sees a yellow rose on top. She gets angry and knows it was her mother who then shows up. She asks Cora if she is there to rub in the fact that she killed her true love. Cora says she knows why Regina sent her away and is back because she is proud of how she has grown. She is back to help Regina find love. She apologizes for killing Daniel and says Regina deserves more than a loveless marriage. She explains how she met Tinkerbell and learned about Regina’s true love.

Cora heads into town to find him. A man tries to flirt with her and she finds out it is the Sheriff of Nottingham. She tells him she is looking for a man with a tattoo of a lion on his arm. He says that would be Robin Hood and he is a thief who steals from the rich to give to the poor. She tells him her daughter wants him even if he is married. He offers to help for a price.

Cora goes back to Regina and tells her she found her man. She transforms Regina into her wedding dress. The Sheriff of Nottingham with a tattoo like Robin’s shows up. Regina and the Sheriff talk about how she has come up in the world since her affair with the stable boy. He says he will be strong so she can be weak when she wants to be. She says she doesn’t like the word weak. She grabs his arm and makes the tattoo on his arm come to life. It attacks him and he says her mother put the tattoo on him so they could be together and Regina would have a child.

Cora comes to see Regina and asked how it went. Regina says she sees him hanging upside down over flames. Cora magics him home and says she doesn’t understand. Cora says her soul mate is married and the man she found was better for Regina.

Back To Storybrooke

Robin and Regina are having a drink in New York City. She is stunned he got Marian/Zelena pregnant. Robin is hung up on the fact that his son has lost his mother yet again. Regina offers a forgetting potion to help him. Regina says her sister did this to get revenge and prevent her from getting her happy ending. Robin says they can still be together, but Regina reminds him he has a child coming which means complications. Regina tells everyone they are going back to Storybrooke. Once there Emma is reunited with Hook and her parents. And Maleficent meets Lily for the first time.

Taking the Author

Rumple is with Isaac when Hook comes over to gloat that Emma didn’t kill anyone so Rumple’s plan can’t be done. Isaac says that’s bad news and that they need dark savior blood to make the ink. Rumple coughs and doesn’t look good.

Regina puts a magic removing cuff on Zelena and locks her in a room in the mental ward. Zelena says this baby means she will be a part of Regina’s life forever. Regina asks what will make her feel safe at night once she has given birth. Zelena throws back that Robin would never forgive her for murdering the mother of his child.

Rumple tells Isaac to research blood magic. He goes into his shop to look for something. He pulls out his heart and it’s almost completely black. He shoves it back in as Regina shows up. She wants Isaac and asks what’s wrong with Rumple. She figures out that he is dying and smiles, but Rumple warns her that if Rumple dies only the Dark One will be left. Regina takes the quill and Isaac and leaves Rumple in his shop.

Regina finds out from Isaac that they need dark savior blood to create the ink he needs. If she protects him he will work for her. Regina shows him the page of her and Robin kissing. She asks why the page exists. He says he wrote it for a book he never got to write. He says something must be looking out for her.


Lily tells Maleficent she wants revenge on Charming and Snow, but Maleficent doesn’t want to waste time on that. Lily calls her a pushover and that’s how Snow and Charming took her away as a dragon egg shell. Maleficent says she did everything she could but they are together now. Lily says she is grown up and walks away. Maleficent goes to see Snow and Charming and asks for them to seal Lily in Storybrooke. They say Lily is acting very similar to how Emma acted when she first got here. Maleficent begs them to help her with Lily and they agree.

Regina finds Lily at the bus stop. She asks if Lily knows about Snow and Charming and what they did to her. Lily wants them dead and Regina says she has darkness in her. Regina grabs her arm and drops the blood into the ink and leaves. Snow, Charming and Maleficent show up for Lily and find a dragon instead. Later, they find Lily Dragon in the woods. Maleficent goes towards her and Snow runs after her. Lily hits Mary and she hits her head on a rock and then breathes fire to keep Charming and Maleficent from helping her. Shortly after, Emma shows up and heals her mom and forgives her parents.

Maleficent goes after Lily who is now human again. She gives her the baby rattle she never got to give her as a child and says she knows she is grown up and doesn’t need her. Lily says she wasn’t what she was expecting. Lily says she destroys every relationship she has ever had. Maleficent says she doesn’t mind the dark and hugs Lily. Lily agrees to stay for one week.

Rewriting The Story

Isaac and Regina come to see Zelena and Regina says she wanted her to see her get her happy ending. Regina says she found the perfect ending for her sister which is to write Zelena out of the story forever. This would mean that no one would ever remember that she ever existed. Zelena asks if Isaac can really do that and he says he can. Zelena says Regina is just like Cora when she tossed her to Oz without blinking.

This causes Regina to flash back to when she was telling Cora that she will never be happy for her and she is about to lose her kingdom to Snow White. Regina says she will never produce a child for Cora so she can kill her and rule the kingdom herself. Regina takes the potion to prevent her from every having children. Cora tells her she loves her and wanted her to have a child for her own sake and that the only person standing in the way of her happiness is herself.

Isaac asks Regina what he wants her to write. Robin shows up and Regina says she won’t deny herself happiness anymore. Zelena mocks her and says her happiness depends on a man. Regina tells Zelena that she won’t write anything and that her happy ending is being accepted in this world and that Robin is just a part of that.

The author is annoyed and writes his way to Rumple. He has the ink and is ready to write. Rumple says it’s time for the villains to win. Isaac smiles and writes Once Upon a Time…