We start with Emma in the woods with her parents looking for the author. Snow and Charming tell her how the author is the reason they took Maleficent’s child. Emma is still upset about the fact her parents destroyed someone else’s soul so she could be the Savior.

While they bicker, Rumple finds the author. He knows about the magic quill and he knows it has to come from a magical tree; a tree Storybrooke doesn’t have. But Rumple reveals that he has the quill and that the Author has to write some happy endings for him.

Regina wakes up with her hands tied and Rumple standing there. He tells her he has the author and he can’t let her find her happiness at his expense. He has lost everything and she will too if she doens’t obey. He shows her he found Robin Hood’s number in her pocket and she panics, asking what happened to her love. He removes her bonds and tells her to call him. So she does.

Sherwood Forest

Robin is working as a barkeep and Marian is a waitress. Little John comes to him and tries to talk him into doing a job with him, but Robin says he has a job now. The Sheriff of Nottingham comes in and makes fun of him. He grabs some mead and tells Robin that his taxes are overdue. He gives Robin 2 days until he is thrown into jail and the tavern is shut down.

Rumple comes to see Robin and says he needs a thief for a job. He wants to send him to a foreign land to steal the Elixir of the Wounded Heart. He says it is in Oz.


Robin lands in Oz and runs into Will. Will wants to get some of the potion and says if Robin goes and gets it he will get rid of the guard.

Robin puts on an uniform and sneaks into the throne room. He finds the bottle and steals some potion. As he starts to fill another one, Zelena walks in. She wants to know why Rumple sent him and then splits into three as he shoots at a vat of green stuff.

He runs back to the yellow brick road and meets Will. He tells him he failed and didn’t get any. Will looks sad. He says he had a sister he cared about and she had died. Robin realizes the potion was to mend his heart. They embrace and Robin leaves. As Will walks away he pulls out the vial he had stolen from Robin.

The Sheriff comes for the taxes. Robin says he has no money. The Merry men show up and have weapons. Robin says he is right–he is a thief, but he is going to steal from the rich to give to the poor. He steals the bag of gold from the Sheriff and gives it to the peasants. Robin changes his name to Robin Hood.

Marian asks what he will do when Rumple comes for the potion. He shows her a pendant he got from Oz that allows him to change forms.

New York City

Robin finishes kissing Regina before stepping over the boundary of Storybrooke to leave with Marian. They get to New York and are on their way to Baelfire’s apartment when a man takes Marian’s purse. Robin takes a horse and chases after the thief.

At the apartment they hear a noise and get ready to attack, but it’s just Rumple. He asks what Robin is doing in his son’s apartment and Robin wants to know the same. Robin asks if he is looking for the author. Rumple says if he doesn’t find the author, Regina won’t get her happy ending. Robin says they need the home more than him. Rumple clutches his chest and collapses.

Robin sits and waits to find out more about Rumple at the hospital. He starts to call Regina, but stops himself. The nurse tells him Rumple is awake. Rumple tells him he had a heart attack. All his dark deeds have taken a toll on his heart and he needs magic to help him. He says there is still some elixir left in NYC that he wants him to steal.

Robin goes to Zelena’s place and searches for the elixir while the alarm blares. He pops open a secret drawer and finds the potion. Marian lectures him about almost being arrested, but Robin says he had to do it. She thinks he should let Rumple die.

Robin gives Rumple the potion and then says he gets to keep the apartment to which Rumple agrees. Rumple drinks the potion and says it isn’t working. Marian shows up and says it isn’t working because it isn’t real magic. She says she wanted him to die, but Robin wouldn’t listen. He says he never harmed her and she says that isn’t quite true. She then transforms into Zelena. He says he killed her, but she explains how she survived. When he “killed” her, her life force fled her body and blew away into the portal Emma traveled through.

Once there, she watched Emma and Hook correct their mistakes and when she realized they were going to take Marian back, she killed Marian and took on her form. Zelena says knowing it would ruin Regina’s happiness made it worth it. Rumple gasps for air as she continues. It has been her the whole time and Robin nor Roland ever noticed. He flatlines and she taps his chest saying it was hollow.┬áLater, she comes back and we see Rumple is on a respirator. She wants in on his plan with the author.

Outside Rumple runs into Robin. He has some things for him from Baelfire, but Rumple doesn’t want them. Rumple asks if Marian is his happy ending and Robin says he doesn’t know. Rumple tells him that when he finds his happy ending he should never let it go.

Regina Finds Out

Marian confronts Robin about why Regina’s number is in his phone. She says if he wants to be with her he should be with her and get rid of the number. He deletes Regina’s number and kisses Marian. We see Zelena is the one kissing him.

Regina calls Robin’s phone and Zelena answers. Regina asks how. She asks where Robin is and Zelena says she is enjoying being his wife and that she has to finish making dinner for him. Regina glares at Rumple and says he knew. He says one call and Zelena will kill Robin. She reminds him that Zelena killed his son. He tells her she will help him turn Emma dark, but she won’t let him do that to her. He tells her she must choose between Emma and Robin.