The Case

Gordon, having blackmailed Loeb’s support in his campaign for Police Union President, is approached by an eager young policeman about a murder case. He says that he looks up to Gordon and that he wants to help clean up Gotham, starting with that case. Gordon agrees to look into it, finding that the murdered woman had been out on a date with a handsome man one night, had been missing for months afterwards, then turns up murdered and relatively unmarked otherwise. A piece of missing evidence turns out to be a trademark of a serial killer the GCPD call the “Ogre”, a man who keeps women captive and trains them to be the perfect homemaker before being ultimately disappointed. If he finds out anyone is investigating him he kills that officer’s loved ones, so the GCPD never investigates his murders. Gordon finds out that Loeb sent the young policeman to set him up with the case. While Gordon fears for Leslie’s life, he refuses to allow Loeb to control him. He tells Loeb he’s done with his games, that he’s going to capture the Ogre and that when he’s done with that he’ll come after Loeb.


Gordon knows that Bruce and Alfred lied about who stabbed Alfred. When Gordon comes to visit, Bruce has an incredibly hard time lying to him and is completely unconvincing. Gordon tells him that its too dangerous to go after Reggie alone. While Bruce admits nothing, he tells Gordon he understands.

While Alfred is incapacitated by his wounds, Bruce takes on the search for Reggie by himself for a time before coming up dry. Bruce takes the term “shooting gallery” to mean a gun range and obviously doesn’t find Reggie at any of the ranges in the city. Bruce seeks out Selina’s help, who knows a shooting gallery is actually a drug den. They find Reggie fairly quickly after that and make him tell who hired him and what they wanted. Reggie, disgruntled at being disturbed, threatened, and blackmailed by two children, says he’s going to tell his employers that Bruce knows too much. While Reggie leans out the window to retrieve his stash, Bruce makes a move to push him out but can’t go through with it. Selina, on the other hand, knows the alternatives and pushes Reggie to his death.


While Mooney is in a relative position of power on Dollmaker’s island, her main goal is still to escape. She learns that if she leaves the house an alarm will sound and that a hunting team will descend on the escapee. There is a boat and a helicopter, however, if only she can get to it. She plans an escape with a group of well muscled prisoners in which they run for the dock and steal the boat. When it comes to the escape, however, they are merely decoys for the hunters while Mooney and the other prisoners take the helicopter – which Mooney can apparently fly. As they take off, however, Mooney is shot in the stomach, leaving her struggling with her wounds as she flies away.

The insane Dollmaker promises Mooney that if she lies to him or tries to escape that he will turn her into a Frankensteinian monster like his assistant. Dollmaker does indeed catch Mooney in the process of escaping, but she has her gang of prisoners attack him, leaving him collapsed on the floor as they run away.


Meanwhile, Cobblepot pursues the purchase of a seemingly meaningless bar. The woman who owns it has no interest in selling, but tells Cobblepot that if he can separate her daughter from her boyfriend and make her come home, that she will sell the bar to him. Cobblepot has the boyfriend, a guitarist, kidnapped and beaten, but he refuses to give up his love for the girl. Cobblepot has the guitarists fingers cut off, which seems to do the trick. The next thing you know, the girl is back home with her mother, and the mother sells the bar to Cobblepot. When asked why he’s even interested in what seems like a dump of a place, Cobblepot claims that its where he plans to kill Don Maroni.