The Story

Someone is controlling a swarm of poisonous bees and sending them after robotic scientists. While the initial theory is that a meta-human is controlling these bees, the bees turn out to be the robotic creation of a spurned scientist – Brie Larvan – fired from Mercury Labs for experimenting with the military capabilities of her creation. While Barry and Co. pursue Larvan, Felicity pays a visit to STAR Labs with her new boyfriend Ray Palmer – otherwise known as The Atom. Ray needs help with his suit and works with Cisco to perfect the design. Meanwhile, Barry continues to have trouble keeping his feelings of betrayal regarding Dr. Wells to himself and seeks Felicity’s advice. When Dr. Tina McGee of Mercury Labs comes under Larvan’s attack, Ray takes to his suit to distract the bees while Barry goes to apprehend Larvan. Felicity hacks into and controls Larvan’s bees from STAR Labs, allowing Barry to safely subdue Larvan. As Felicity and Ray head back to Starling City, Barry and Joe reveal to Caitlin and Cisco what they’ve learned about Dr. Wells.

Ray Palmer/The Atom

With the CW gearing up to give Ray/The Atom his own spin off – which will be a combined spin off of Arrow and The Flash – it makes sense for him to make an appearance on The Flash to tie all the characters together. Cleverly, if a bit obviously, when former Superman Brandon Routh makes his first appearance in the episode they make an “its a bird, its a plane” joke. Routh is charming and goofy as Ray Palmer, the perfect personality to balance his overly good looks, and interesting enough viewing to competently carry his own show. His bromance with Cisco is also super geekily adorable. By the end of the episode, Cisco puts his life on the line for Ray, stepping in front of the last poisonous bee to take the sting for him.


Meanwhile, Cisco has been having dreams of the other timeline where he is killed by Dr. Wells. He shrugs them off until Barry and Joe reveal their suspicions about Wells, causing the pieces to fall together for Cisco. He tells them about his dreams, but how they’re more like memories than his imagination. In his dreams, Dr. Wells is the Reverse-Flash.

Eddie and Iris

Eddie is having a hard time lying to Iris about Barry being the Flash – to the point where its affecting his relationship with her. Iris knows that Eddie has been distant and insists that he be honest with her. Eddie is bound by his promise to Barry and Joe to keep their secret and tells Iris that he can’t share his secret with her. Barry tries to explain to Iris that Eddie’s police work sometimes brings him in contact with terrible, dark things, and that his reluctance to talk to Iris is his attempt to keep her in the light. While Iris understands this explanation, she still insists that Eddie has to be honest with her, otherwise she will end their relationship.

Barry and Felicity

We know how close Barry and Felicity are, and how very perceptive Felicity is when it comes to people, so when she arrives in Central City she can instantly sense the unusual tension – making a joke about how Central City is supposed to be “the fun one” – as in The Flash is the fun show as compared with the darker Arrow. Barry stalls her but eventually reveals his dilemma – discovering that Dr. Wells is the Reverse-Flash and not knowing whether or not he can trust Caitlin and Cisco. Felicity knows that Caitlin and Cisco can be trusted, but having been terribly betrayed by Wells, Barry clearly has some trust issues. In the end, after Cisco nearly gives his life to heroically save Ray, Barry realizes that he can confide in his friends.

A note here also about how awesome Felicity is as a character and how wonderfully naturally Emily Bett Rickards plays her. She is smart, beautiful, witty, self-aware, and so humanly awkward. When I watch her, I feel like I’m hanging out with one of my favorite friends, in all their awesomeness and imperfection.