Named one of Wicked Channel’s Top 25 Films of 2014, Buddy Hutchins features Jamie Kennedy (Scream, TVs Ghost Whisperer) as you’ve never seen him before!

Buddy Hutchins (Kennedy) is just a regular guy doing his best to support a wife and two kids. A recovering alcoholic, Buddy hasn’t had a drink for the better part of a year, but it turns out the only reward for his good behavior is a failing business and a cheating wife. Throw in a ruthless bounty hunter and an hot-tempered ex, and Buddy’s already short fuse is about to blow. Pushed over the edge and armed with a chainsaw, Buddy Hutchins is out for blood.

Oscar Nominee Sally Kirkland (The Sting, JFK) also stars in the film, which is written and directed by Jared Cohn. We spoke to Cohn on the month of the film’s DVD and VOD release.

How did you pitch Buddy Hutchins?

I pitched it like a story about a man who gets treated poorly and then he snaps and goes on a wild mission to get revenge and kill the people who wronged him. The movie that I referenced as a similar story was Falling Down, starring Michael Douglass. A movie I love.

Was Jamie Kennedy on board from the outset?

Jamie and his camp read the script and really responded to it. I had the pleasure of working with him on a movie prior and I pitched it to him, and luckily, he enjoyed the script and wanted to play the title role.

Is it still important to have a name attached to a film? Did Kennedy’s attachment help garner financing?

Yes. It is absolutely necessary while making a genre movie to have a star name actor. It helps get financing, helps get distribution and helps the chances of a movie’s success. That said, there are some films that succeed without star name talent. If a movie gets into Sundance or a prestigious festival then it too can succeed. Or if it has great VFX or an excellent creature, or is something so cool that has never been seen before. Only two-percent of independent movies succeed so having a star certainly helps a project out a lot. Marketing is also a huge factor.

The movie is fun, but it’s also got something to say. Was that intentional –that it be fun and topical?

Yes, the message of the movie is about truth, and what happens when trust is broken and how that affects people. In the case of Buddy Hutchins, he was lied to, cheated on and he snapped. It comes down to humanity. When I wrote the script I was in a dark place and felt like everyone was out to get me, I fantasized about going on a murderous killing spree, but of course I did not. In movies we create heroes or anti-heroes that we can relate to. Buddy is fun character that I feel is very relatable.

Is it hard to balance those heavier moments with light?

Having a strong actor such as Jamie Kennedy who can handle drama and comedy made the balancing act much easier. He was able to deliver the lines in a comedic yet very real way. I don’t like acting that doesn’t feel genuine, Jamie brought a real sense of authenticity to the role. He was always our first choice and luckily we got him.

What did use for the blood? It still corn syrup?

Some productions use corn syrup, we used a variety of different substances to create the blood. Some blood needs to be thicker, for different kinds of wounds you need different blood treatments.

Is there a genre you prefer swimming in more so than the other?

I like action, thrillers, horror with some dramatic elements. I really hope to do a big action movie soon with lots of explosions and gunfights.

What’s next for you, Jared?

I’m doing a cool western that features a lot of horses and guns and it’s exciting because it is based on a true story, an autobiography. You can follow me at and More movies to come!!