Doc McStuffins has quickly become one of the better, critically acclaimed shows thanks to the fact that it is headlined by a young African American girl, the daughter of a pediatrician who herself works as a doctor for toys. The entire idea is similar to Sofia the First, where Doc McStuffins uses her stethoscope to communicate with the toys.

The supporting characters include a stuffed snowman that believes he is a real snowman, Hallie a hippo who works as Doc’s nurse and Lambie, a stuffed lamb in a pink tutu. That is where this Disney Junior DVD release comes in as it focuses on Lambie with the main featured “Cuddle Me Lambie.” The story sees Doc get a new toy and Lambie feels that she is being replaced.

Of course, the show’s entire purpose is clear from the start, as Lambie has to learn that friendship is forever, and new friends does not mean that old ones are replaced. However, the lessons are important here because Doc McStuffins is a show that is made for little kids and, honestly, is one of the better shows about learning life lessons while still remaining entertaining.

Doc McStuffins “Cuddle me Lambie” also features five episodes, almost all of which feature Lambie in a major role in the stories. Of course, as with most Disney Junior releases, there are no special features and these episodes were all from the television show. However, it is low in price and gives parents something that is great for their kids to watch even when it isn’t on TV.