Most of us watching FOX’s Gotham have been wondering from the start when and how Batman’s greatest adversary would be introduced to the show. Despite how many other villains the Dark Knight constantly contends with, there is something special about the Joker and how he’s the criminal who most starkly defines the vigilante. After fourteen episodes of waiting and watching, looking for clues and conspiracies, we finally know roughly when the Clown Prince of Crime will be introduced to the series.

According to showrunner Bruno Heller via TV Guide, the Joker’s storyline will be introduced before the end of season one, but that we can expect only just the merest hint of what is to come. Fans of Gotham might also know just how crowded the rogue’s gallery is becoming, so perhaps the last thing the show needs is yet another major villain gumming up the works with their own dedicated storyline. Heller probably senses this and promises to just “scratch the surface of that story.”

Meanwhile, there are plenty of storylines that need to be wrapped up long before another long term storyline needs to be introduced. Currently there is the escalating mob wars and Cobblepot’s role in playing both sides, Nygma’s descent into villainy, rooting out the corruption at the GCPD, Gordon’s complicated love life, Bruce Wayne’s dark adolescence, Selina Kyle, Poison Ivy, Fish Mooney, Victor Zsasz, Scarecrow – the list goes on. That being said, I’ll be anxiously looking forward to the Joker’s appearance.

Source: TV Guide