DC Comics continues to rule the television world, even while Marvel dominates the movie theaters. With the success of Flash and Arrow and the fun Constantine and gritty Gotham, DC Comics has really made their mark. Next up is a Supergirl TV show and then a Teen Titans live action series as well from TNT.

A Teen Titans live action TV show is something to get excited about. With the awesome animated series, the amazing Young Justice that spun off of it and the extremely fun Teen Titans Go, this is a group that really brings the fun to the super hero genre.

Well, The Nerdist reported that a close source got their hands on the pilot script and we now know who will be in the TV show as the members of the Teen Titans.

The chance of a crossover with the other DC Comics properties likely won’t happen, which is good since Dick Grayson needs to be Nightwing on Arrow or Flash. That couldn’t happen with a crossover because Dick Grayson will be on the Teen Titans live action TV show as Robin.

Now, the script does have Dick shedding the Robin identity to become Nightwing after splitting from Batman and becoming a Boston private investigator (but he is still a teen like the title says, right?) Anyway, also on the show is Barbara Gordon, who is not Batgirl, but a wheelchair bound Oracle (which is all kinds of awesome).

The Teen Titans is rounded out by Hawk and Dove (who was recently scripted by Renegade Cinema friend Sterling Gates in the New 52) and Raven (who fans know from the TV shows). Starfire will also appear in the first episode and will likely join the team later.

Cyborg is not a member, which makes sense as he was promoted to the Justice League in the New 52 and putting him here could cause confusion with the story they are telling in the movies. There is no Beast Boy either, which is hugely disappointing.

What are your thoughts? Does the Teen Titans lineup sound good? Will you give the show a chance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.