Let’s Get Bonnie Back

The episode of The Vampire Diaries begins with Jo arriving home after a rough day. Alaric gives her wine and Thai food. Jo opens up about the Ascendant. She likes having it because it makes her feel safe because it means that no one can get Kai out of his prison world. She used to keep it under her pillow, but not she keeps it in her underwear door. The next morning, Alaric delivers it to Damon who then compels him to forget he was compelled to retrieve it.

Jeremy and Elena catch up while working out. He’s finally canceled Bonnie’s cell phone and cried the pain away. Elena then tells him Bonnie is alive so Damon and Liv are trying to figure out how to bring her back. Jeremy isn’t buying it.

Back to 1994

Damon and Elena go to the graveyard to meet Liv who is surprised Jo gave the Ascendant to them. If Elena and Damon drink Liv’s blood they are linked so she can find them and bring them back. They will have 8 hours to find Bonnie and get her some of Liv’s blood as well.

As they go back to 1994, Kai has arrived in 2014 and immediately kills his cab driver

Damon and Elena get nervous when they find blood at the Mansion, but all Damon can do is call Kai’s pager. While they wait, Elena finds a camera that served as Damon’s video journal during his time there. We don’t get to watch much because Bonnie calls from a payphone. She hot-wired a car and is only 6.5 hours away. She has enough time to make it. After Bonnie mentions Kai took her blood, Damon worries that Kai is already out. We already know he is he and he just happens to arrive at the bar Liv works at.

After Damon cooks breakfast Elena reads the newspaper about Kai’s murders. She asks Damon to admit how he got the Ascendant. Elena thinks Damon is just getting Bonnie back as a way to get her back.

Damon finds Elena on the porch swing of her house. He tells her that he thought this was his hell and Bonnie had hope and is the reason he survived. He is doing this for Bonnie because he actually did bond with her. Elena believes him and he joins her on the swing. He reveals he fixed the squeak on the chair because him and Bonnie would go there everyday to be close to Elena.

She wants to go inside the home, but stops to apologize to Damon for erasing her memories. He touches her face and it seems like they are about to kiss when they come back to the present early. Liv has to get to Mystic Falls because Kai is here.

The Other Salvatore

Matt brings Sarah to meet Stefan. Stefan figures out that Sarah is lying and orders them milkshakes to prevent Matt and Enzo from hearing.

Enzo and Matt talk so Enzo can complain about Stefan being considered a hero while he’s branded a villain. Stefan reveals how he knows Sarah isn’t his relative. He tells her that the real Sarah was adopted and is now studying at Duke for art. This Sarah’s real name is Monique.

Monique tells Stefan that she met Sarah at camp and decided that if Sarah had no interest in finding her real family. Stefan has Monique to remove her vervain necklace and compels her to forget she’d ever met Sarah and leave the state and never return. Enzo had Matt tail Stefan and they arrive just in time for Enzo to take Monique hostage. If Stefan doesn’t tell the whole story she will die. Stefan refuses and Monique gets her neck snapped.

Kai’s Revenge

Jo is upset over the Ascendant being missing and realizes that Damon must have compelled Alaric. Alaric doesn’t believe that Damon would compel him. Jo wants him to walk across the Mystic Falls border to see if the compulsion goes away.

Kai orders a drink so Liv will card him. She sees his birthdate and laughs, but he has her look at the name and then borrows some of her magic. She runs away and Tyler comes out of nowhere and knocks Kai off a railing.

After being brought back early, Elena and Damon talk in the graveyard about how bad Bonnie will feel when she gets to the house and they aren’t there. He says they can go back again as long as they have the Ascendant. The problem is Kai is here and he sets the Ascendant and Elena’s hand on fire. Damon sends him flying over the border.

Since Stefan can’t tell Matt that he gave Monique out to save Sarah which makes Matt think Stefan is just like Enzo. And he has had enough of it. He heads back to the house where Jeremy is about to drink. He gets the call from Elena about Bonnie. Matt throws Jeremy a crossbow and asks him how he feels about being a hunter.

Alaric finds Damon and tells him Jo drove him over the border. Alaric punches him for compelling him and about Kai getting out even though that isn’t Damon’s fault. Elena is there to comfort Damon, but he’s not thinking about Alaric. He is thinking about Bonnie. He had written her a note that said they’d be at Elena’s house. She would just be getting there. We see Bonnie running to Elena’s house and then crying when she realizes they are gone.

Tyler returns home and Kai is there. Kai tells him that he wants to save Liv’s life and if he would be willing to make a deal with the devil?