Raina’s back

Raina is in a coffee shop. She noticed May sitting at a table. When Raina approaches May she notices that half of May’s face is burned off. This is not May but Agent 33. Raina runs out of the shop and turns into Billy (or his brother). He deploys a cloaking device around himself and Raina in order to throw Hydra off. After Hydra moves on, Billy takes Raina to the BUS and prepares a lanyard  for her, of course.

The City

Coulson , Jemma (I guess I can stop calling her Simion as this while FitzSimmons wordplay never panned out), Bobbi, Fitz and Mac head to Puerto Rico. The city is located under a tunnel in Puerto Rico. FitzSimmons (one last time) send down the dwarfs to the bottom of the tunnel. I really have missed the dwarfs. My dwarf-crush doesn’t last long a Fitz loses the signal from the dwarf.

Mac and Cheese 

Mac heads down inside the tunnel on a rope line. Mac finally gets to the bottom. All communications are down. Mac yells to Coulson that he is at the bottom. Like an idiot Mac starts to touch the strange (circular) marking on the floor after seeing the dead dwarf on the ground. The floor markings start to turn blue. A circular symbol appears on Mac’s hand and he screams out in agony.

The team finally gets Mac back to the top and his eyes light up, Mac scream run and throws Coulson against the wall. The team does everything they can to stop Mac. Fitz even has a real gun pointed at him. Fitz doesn’t shoot. Bobbi takes her battle staves and takes Mac down, sending him falling down the tunnel to his possible death.

On the BUS

Agent 33 told Whitehall that Raina has a tracker in her. Ward hunts the BUS down, he knows that they were using an old SSR/SHIELD frequency. He takes Raina but wants Skye as well. After a bit if back and forth. Skye goes with them. Raina tells her to bring the tablet with the map of the city on it.

Agent 33 meets with Whitehall and tell him that Ward has Raina but also Skye. Whitehall is puzzled. She also tells him that Ward didn’t blow up the BUS. Whitehall tells Agent 33 to handle it. Agent 33 calls in the order.