The Bizlats, Myans, and Sons are sitting around, talking about piecing out their parts of the business, and who’s gonna get what. Nero tells Jax that he’s gonna be at the farm for a couple days, and Jax asks him to take Wendy and the kids along. Juice is hanging in the infirmary, when a bunch of Lynn’s guys come in. However, instead of killing him, they have their way with him, romantically. Jax meets up with the Irish, and they say that the Myans taking over the gun trade isn’t gonna work.

Gemma meets up with a guy named Milo at a truck stop, and ends up hitching a ride with him. Jax ends up getting Unser to meet him at a location, in order to get him to drop the charges, so he can move about freely. In exchange, Jax tells him what truly happened to Tera. Later, he meets up with the fellow leaders of the Sons chapters, and tells them the truth about what happened with Jury. It seems that Jax is basically telling them that he’ll see to it his group vote him out.

Gemma shows up to where her father is living, but has trouble signing in, as she isn’t listed as a visitor. Jax looks to meet up with Connor and the rest of the Irish, but when they show up, they see Connor’s men beaten & bloody. Apparently he was going behind the back of the Irish, and selling guns to peeps he shouldn’t. They ask Jax and the boys to find Connor and kill him, in exchange, they’ll see to it his deal with the Mayans gets a trial run. Later, they meet up with the leader of the 9’ers, who says he wants Jax’s help in order to control the streets that the Chinese use to run.

Juice meets up with the leader of the AB, and tells him he was told to kill him by his new Chinese friends. He tells Manson he knows the MC was hired to kill him, but if the Chinese do it first, then he won’t be in good standings with the MC. So, Juice offers himself up, and Manson takes him out with the quickness. Uncer and Jax both show up at Gemma’s father’s house, where she’s waiting. Uncer wants to take her in, and refuses to back down. Jax shoots him point blank, truly showing he has no good left in him whatsoever. He and Gemma have a convo, then he takes her out to the garden where at first he has trouble pulling the trigger, but Gemma insists.

We get the end-of-the-episode-musical-montage, which sees some of the guys taking out dealers on Chinese streets, Wendy checking in on the kids, more of the boys shooting up a Chinese card game, Nero sitting in Gemma’s room, and Jax coming home and taking Wendy to Pound Town. Our final shot is that of Gemma, dead, in the garden.

For the second to the last episode, not a lot happened. I mean, in terms of major moments, it has more than any episode in the series. Beyond that though, it’s really all just a build up to the last 10 minutes of the episode. For anyone who might have had any sympathy for Gemma during her last moments, don’t bother. It clearly showed what a monster she was, by insisting her oldest son forever carry the burden of killing his mother, instead of just having her arrested. If Jax had given it some thought, he could have really punished her by having her arrested, and telling her that her grandchildren, her son, her club, it’s all going to grow & flurish without her, as she’ll grow old and die alone inside of a concrete room.

See you cats next week for the final episode.