Thanksgiving In 1994

The episode begins with a scene from 1994 where young Jo takes a large knife out of her spleen and walks into the next room to hide a young and girl under a bed as Kai looks for them. As you can guess the kids are Liv and Luke. In present 1994, Kai has brought Bonnie to his home to cook her Thanksgiving dinner.

Bonnie convinces Kai to let her leave if she stays for one last meal together.

In present time, Kai tells Bonnie the real reason they are in Portland. He knows she put her magic somewhere else, but he knows where Jo put hers. He absorbs the magic. Bonnie isn’t scared though because he needs a Bennett witch to do the spell, but he tells her that he just needs her blood. And then he stabs her.

Bonnie survives the stabbing and finds a message from Kai’s page that says I lied. He took the car.


Caroline has planned a Friendsgiving. Jo tells them that Alaric has taken the Salvatore Brothers for a boys weekend. Elena calls Alaric and he tells her about Bonnie’s teddy bear giving them hope that she is still alive. They are in Portland looking to find out about the Gemini coven and to make Stefan feel bad for not being invited to Friendsgiving.

The guys arrive at an open field. Damon uses Bonnie’s bear to taunt Stefan about Caroline and Stefan throws the bear at the seemingly open field. But it reveals a house.

Back at Friendsgiving, Liv shows up annoyed. She looks familiar to Jo. Liam also arrives and reveals that he looked into the girl that Elena saved around Halloween time and everything looked alright. Elena thanks Jo for changing the files to make Elena seem in the right to Liam.

Alaric thinks that Bonnie put her magic in her bear. The bear stays on the porch with Damon and Stefan since only Alaric could get in due to not being a vampire.

Caroline tries to get everyone at the table and turn off their electronics, but Luke plays a video of him and Liv at their birthday party when Jo recognizes her voice. Turns out she is their sister.

What Really Happened to Kai

Damon meets Jo’s father who, after hearing that Damon saw Kai, hides Damon from Stefan and Alaric and gives him a witch migraine.

It is revealed that Kai, Jo’s twin, killed four of their siblings, but he was trying to kill Luke and Liv. In the Gemini coven, twins are in line to be the leader. After seeing that Kai would never be a good leader their parents kept trying to have kids in order to produce another set of twins. When Kai found out, he snapped and wanted to kill Luke and Liv. Jo hid the kids magically so they could run. She survived and with the help of Sheila Bennett, her and family put Kai in his prison world.

So it happens, that after the twin’s 22nd birthday they merge their strength. The stronger twin absorbs the weaker’s power, and the weaker one dies. Liv leaves and Tyler wants to help her. She either dies or has to live with the fact that she killed her brother.

We also find out why Jo’s dad was freaked when Damon confirms that Kai knows about the Ascendent. If he comes back he will go straight to Jo, who has the Ascendent, and absorb her power. Then he will kill the twins and become the leader. While Damon watches him do a spell, Stefan and Alaric make calls. Stefan calls Elena, who tells him that she has to take her best friend’s side and how he knew to trust her with the truth that he is a vampire. It’s because he loved her and wanted her to know everything. Alaric tells Jo, who says if her father knows they are looking for the Ascendent to free Bonnie then he will believe they are trying to free Kai as well and fight back. Turns out that her dad is trying to kill her. Jo invites Stefan and Alaric into the house and tells them where to find the knife that she hid her magic in. Stefan throws it and gets into the house just in time to stop her dad from killing Damon. The dad goes away and Jo is almost dead. Elena decides to feed her blood in front of Liam to save her. She tells him the truth, but compels him to forget everything.

In a flashback we see how Jo hid the knife and told Kai she would merge with him. The whole coven came to watch, but it was really a ploy to send him to his prison.

The Day After Friendsgiving

Liv wakes up at Tyler’s place. Tyler refuses to let her sacrifice herself so her coven can have a leader. He tells her that in Mystic Falls magic doesn’t work so if her coven comes after her they will have to go through him.

Caroline runs into Stefan and hands him leftovers. He gives her the reason why he pushed her away while Damon was gone. He knew she was the one person who would sit with him and let him cry and he didn’t want to cry. She thanks him and leaves.

Elena finds Damon and asks him what he and Bonnie did for four months. He tells her that they fought and talked. Bonnie listened to him talk about Elena, which is why she sacrificed herself so he could return. Elena tells Damon she broke up with Liam because there’s a feeling she can’t shake about Damon even though she knows she could live a happy life. She takes his hand and asks if he will help get Bonnie back.