A remake of the cult classic Highlander has been stuck in development hell for the past several years over at Summit but a recent bit of news has breathed some new life into the project.  The studio is currently eyeing Tom Cruise to play the Highlander remake role of mentor that was famously filled by Sean Connery in the original.

Of course, just because the studio wants him doesn’t necessarily mean the feeling is mutual. Cruise keeps a notoriously busy schedule and even now is busy shooting for Mission Impossible 5. What’s more, one of the actor’s representatives says that the two sides are “far from talks” at the moment.  I also have to personally question if the project can afford Cruise since I was under the impression that the Highlander remake would be relatively low budget.

Skepticism aside however, if Cruise does end up signing on, I’m all for it.  He has already proven how handy he is with a sword in The Last Samurai.  Granted, that movie was made over a decade ago, but Sean Connery wasn’t exactly in his prime either when he did the original Highlander and the audience didn’t seem to mind.  Also (at the risk of stating the obvious), for Cruise’s many faults, he’s still one of the most charismatic actors working today.

Do you think will sign on for the Highlander remake?  Will he be a good fit to fill Sean Connery’s shoes?  Tell us what you think in the comment section below.       

Source: Comic Book Movie