Flashback 1945

Whitehall is in full nazi-Hydra gear testing the obelisk on people. His team is trying to find anyone that can touch the obelisk without dying. Whitehall brings in a woman, who is forced to touch it by Whitehall’s men. The obelisk glowed and did not kill the woman when she touched it. Whitehall wants this woman prepared for surgery. Funny little thing happened, the fuhrer died so they must do the testing at a later date.


Skye’s father (which is still nameless, I will give my theories later) goes to Whitehall and tells him about the The Diviner. Which is the true name of the obelisk. He tells Whitehall, that the Diviner needs to be taken to the “city”. In which, the diviner will not just kill. It will do something much, much cooler.

Bobbi is trying to crack Bochi to get him to talk. Bochi is talking but not really getting anywhere. Bobbi does pick up on words that Bochi says about Whitehall and the relationship that Whitehall had with the Red Skull. May tasks Simmons to search the base (being that it used to be an old SSR base) to search it for any information that may have to do with Red Skull or Whitehall. Simmons discovers paperwork that references one of Skull’s close associates, Reinhardt. May pushes a neat hidden wall where agent Carter has more goodies stored away.


Agent Carter is with Reinhardt (Whitehall) in custody. Reinhardt tells Carter lore about how an alien civilians came to earth to conquer it.

Present Day

Skye‘s father tells Whitehall that he heard the story incorrect. The aliens did not come to conquer mankind. They were sent to end it. Leaving a divine few left to inhabit it. Skye’s dad tells Whitehall that he can find the city and the temple that is key to the diviners powers. He asks Whitehall for a team and money so he can find the city. Whitehall is leary. He wants to know what he has to gain. Skye’s dad tells him that he has nothing to lose. He only wants to be reunited with his family…in the afterlife.

Ward kidnaps his brother (Christian) the senator. He drags him through the woods to get the truth about what happened at the well. Ward takes Christen to a spot where he has him dig a hole. Christian hits to a hard spot. He stops digging and hits Ward with the shovel. He tries to run off. Ward catches him and forces Christian to look down the well and tell him the truth about what happened. Christian finally admits that he wanted their brother dead because their mother favorited their other brother. Christen admits that he didn’t have the guts to do anything so he put Ward up to it.

Coulson has the team do what seems like meaningless tasks. He has Skye deliver a watch to get fixed and Triplett takes a button somewhere.

Lance finds the file on Reinhardt, who is an old gray hair man.  Simmons tells May that Reinhardt is Whitehall. Despite the fact that Reinhardt was capture by SHIELD (or the SSR) and imprisoned for life.


Carter meets with Reinhardt for the last time. Reinhardt feels that he can help Carter. He wants a deal. Carter isn’t going to give him one. Reinhardt is imprisoned for 44 years when agents come to transfer him. They are supposed to be SHIELD agents but they are HYDRA. They take him to a lab where they have found the woman (the one who touched the diviner without dying). The woman has not aged a day.

Coulson, Skye, Triplett and Fitz go to Australia. Coulson’s plan is to breach into a government satellite network. The only way they can get into the system is when the Hawaiian network goes down. The items that Coulson had Triplett and Skye deliver will act as an EMP, which will shut down the Hawaii network. When that happens, the Australian backup network goes online which Skye can hack. Coulson, Triplett and Fitz go into the building to set their plan into motion. Hydra is also there and a small shootout ensues. Triplett get shoot. Skye’s father appears. He tells Coulson that he is a doctor and can help. Skye’s dad accidently calls Coulson, Phil. Skye’s dad tells Phil that he has a plan. He also hopes Skye isn’t there because he wants to make a good impression when he does meet her. He also tells Coulson that there is something inside of the Diviner. He tells Coulson that his daughter will be right in the center of it. Coulson mentions Skye by name. Her dad yells to Coulson that Skye is not her name.


Whitehall is talking in the present day. The flashback is of Whitehall dissecting the woman who was immune to the diviner. He has all of her organs transplanted to his. This is what slowed down, or reversed the aging process with Whitehall. Whitehall tells his men to dispose of what is left of the woman’s body. Whitehall is talking to Ward. Apparently Ward killed his brother and their parents.

Fitz and Coulson are back on the BUS. They are in the room with Skye. Coulson and Fitz are hesitant to talk. They both just stare at Skye. Then one of Skye’s computers has found a match of the city they are looking for.

After Credits Scene

Skye’s Dad walks into a room with Whitehall and Ward. Ward tells them that he was a member of Coulson’s team. Ward mentions that he heard Skye’s father ran into Coulson. Skye’s dad tells Ward that it was good to meet Coulson. He says that it is always good to look your enemy right in the eye. (while looking at Whitehall)


Skye’s dad finds the woman in the bushes. He addresses her as his love. He promises that he will find who did this. He promises to tear them apart.

We’ve got 2 week so here it goes

Ok unlike last week I will reveal a little more. I didn’t want to spoil this post with my theories on the city ad I thought Marvel was going to let this play over a season or 2. I am surprised at the pace this show is going at. But I guess after the slow start some viewer had about this show last year. Marvel decided to speed things up and drop easter eggs early on. I was shocked with them going Agent Carter again. But we know that SHIELD has got to end (mid season) at a good place for Agent Carter to begin.

This episode wasn’t really about the anything except Skye, her father and Attilan. That is the name of the city that everyone is trying to find. Attilan is the home of the Inhumans. From the words of her father “Skye will be in the middle of things” speaking about when the diviner gets brought back to the city that they are all searching for. Now about Skye’s father. My guess is that he is Maximus the Mad (Or the Unspoken) but I have my money on Max. As far as the show goes, he has never been officially addressed by name. It is alway the doctor or people referring to him as a monster.