The two hour episode began with Ingrid hiding the box that contains the Sorcerer’s hat then going to the apprentice’s house to make a deal. She wants him to help her find the perfect third sister. He tells her to get lost.

Ingrid comes back to the palace and must find a way to get Else entirely loyal to her and to get rid of Anna. She tells Elsa a bunch of lies, such as, saying that Anna brought the Sorcerer’s hat back from the Enchanted Forest so she could take away Elsa’s powers. It seems like Elsa is buying her lies, but when Elsa is alone with Anna she tells her she was acting. All Ingrid’s lies have done is convince Elsa that she and Anna have to get rid of Ingrid.

She lets Anna out of jail and they go to search for the urn. It doesn’t take Elsa, Anna and Kristoff long to find it. Elsa puts Anna back into the prison to wait, with the urn, for Elsa to send Ingrid down. Ingrid appears after Elsa leaves and she has a small part of the mirror that will change Anna.

She tells Anna about the story that the mirror relates to. It comes from an old Norse legend called The Trolden Glass. The story is about a princess who dies before her birthday and her grieving father who casted a dark spell which caused everyone to feel the pain he felt for his daughter. The mirror causes those who gaze into it to see the worst in the ones they love. Ingrid’s going to turn them against each other.

Ingrid casts the spell and the glass goes into Anna’s eyes. Anna comes to Elsa with the urn revealing all the rage she had built towards her since their childhood. Ingrid tells Elsa that she can stop Anna, but only if she uses her powers against her, but Elsa refuses. She keeps telling Anna that she loves her even when Anna sucks her into the urn.

As soon as Elsa is inside the urn, Anna comes to. Ingrid is angry that her plan didn’t work so she freezes Anna and Kristoff and uses her powers to remove Elsa’s memories of everything that had happened.

Rumplestiltskin comes along wanting to retrieve the hat that Anna stole from him. He takes the Elsa urn promising to give it when Ingrid gives the hat. She is willing to give Rumple the hat, but the Sorcerer’s Apprentice comes and offers her an alternative. If she hands over the hat he can promise she will find her perfect third. She hands over the hat and he sends her to 1982 NYC.


Emma’s magic is still out of control when Henry comes to help her. She accidentally tosses him backward and cuts his face. Emma decides to turn to Rumple for help. He tells her that he can remove her magic if she will meet him in an abandoned manor. She agrees. But Rumple plans to steal her magic with the sorcerer’s hat.

He goes to the Snow Queen and tells her that he has Emma coming to meet him. She is angry to hear that Rumple plans to steal Emma’s powers before Ingrid can enact her plan. But Rumple had walked around her and scattered the remains of the anti-magic urn. Ingrid is trapped for a period of time.

Emma calls her parents and tells them she is getting rid of her powers. Snow passes this onto Hook who realizes that Emma is going to be a part of the hat. He goes after Emma to stop her. Elsa does the same using the potion that Regina had brought over to locate Emma. Charming and Snow decide to stop Emma when Regina tells them that Emma’s plan is an awful one.

As they track Emma, Snow and Regina talk. Snow figures that Regina and Robin have gotten back together, but Regina says her villain past means her relationship is doomed. Snow tells her that it can turn out okay if Regina makes good choices.

Emma pulls up to the house and walks in. Hook arrives, but can’t get inside instead Rumple ties him to the gate. Elsa arrives and tells Emma not to do it and that she just needs to believe in herself. Emma takes Elsa’s hand and her powers calm. Rumple is upset his plan didn’t work, but he is able to complete one other part. He needs the heart of someone who knew him before he became the Dark One. And Hook is the only one in town who isn’t dead. He removes Hook’s heart, turning him into his secret puppet. Hook is reunited with Emma.

At the end, Emma and Elsa notice yellow ribbons on their wrists. The ribbons are draining their power and giving it straight to the Snow Queen.