Suzanne Willard can’t judge her own performances, but if audience reaction to her turn in The Wolves of Savin Hill  is anything to go by she has nothing to worry about. Willard gives a stupendous performance in writer-director John Beaton Hill’s buzzed-about crime thriller, which is currently winning raves (and trophies) at film festivals around the country.

Firstly, how has your involvement in Wolves of Savin Hill, now an ‘Award Winning’ film, benefited your career? Have you noticed an increase in calls, yet?  

I have had a slight increase in auditions. I feel that the more festivals/awards that the film is nominated for, the more notice all the amazing talent will have in the future.

Has being involved in something so well-written and, for lack of a better word, ‘classy’, made you pickier? 

No, a great actor once told me…. “take a job, take a job, take a job : as long as you do not compromise your integrity. “

The film is a crime movie like those of the Nixon-era, but it’s also rather unique. What appealed to you about it?

My back round is mostly comedy, so when this opportunity arouse to play such a strong character, I jumped at the chance.

The Wolves of Savin HillWhere were the majority of your scenes shot?

My scenes were shot in many locations but all within the LA area.

How does John Beaton Hill work as a filmmaker? Was there any indication that this was his ‘first’ film?

I think John is an excellent filmmaker. As with all filmmaking nothing works perfectly. There are always hiccups and you are always learning.

Are you an actress that can easily watch herself on screen? I know many can’t.

I absolutely can watch myself just do not ask me to critic myself.

What are you looking to do next?

I am always in the mix and currently cannot talk about my next project, but you will see me soon.

Having had experience in the medical field – were you also the on-set nurse?

I have not practiced in the field for several years but if I were to be on set and something were to tragically happen I would jump right in to help.