Ivy is being driven into Mystic Falls by Tripp. She thinks she is free, but nope she ends up suffering her original death again.

Picking up right at their hug, Damon and Stefan decide to not tell the truth about Damon being with Bonnie.

Alaric wants to lift Elena’s compulsion, but she is happy in her new life. He says he will do it when she asks.

Reunion Or Not

Damon is reunited with Alaric who says he won’t compel back Elena’s memories until she asks.

Damon goes to Elena’s room, but she won’t let him in. They end up being on opposite sides of the door with Damon drawing her to open the door, but instead she just puts her hand up on the door and he matches it. She opens the door, but ditches at the last second by going out the window. She calls Stefan that she left Damon at the dorm. She tells him she kissed Liam. She hangs up to find out if Jo is on vervain. Her coffee is vervain free.

Damon goes back to Elena’s apartment with bourbon. He sees that she has no pictures of him so he draws himself into her graduation picture. Jeremy arrives and asks why Bonnie isn’t back. Damon tells him she wasn’t with him because she found peace and is now in a better place.

Jo tells Elena that she knows Elena is a vampire because there is no way the girl she saved the night of the accident should have lived. She’s okay with it because Elena saved the girl instead of feeding on her. Elena puts the pieces together that Jo is a witch so she can resist compulsion.

Getting Enzo Back
Tripp says if Enzo doesn’t reveal the names of his friends he will be going for a ride just like Ivy. Matt has to tell Alaric and Caroline about Enzo and she insists on rescuing Enzo. Sarah interrupts Matt’s sleuthing because she wants to find information on her family.

Caroline and Stefan argue while they go to get Enzo. Stefan is only helping Caroline now so Damon will forgive him for getting Enzo caught. They don’t find Enzo where Tripp was holding him.

Sarah opens Tripp’s desk drawer. Matt finds Ivy’s phone and sees Caroline’s name at the top of recently called list. This means that Tripp knows where to find her. Damon is still at the dorm and decides to call Bonnie after seeing a picture of her on Elena’s nightstand. He thanks Bonnie for what she did for him and that he misses her. Elena calls him and tells him they should meet. She wants to meet at her room, but before Damon can leave Tripp comes and gets him.

Vampire No More

Elena returns to find her door open and Damon’s cell on the floor. Damon wakes up in the van with Enzo. The plan is for Elena and Caroline to block one entrance and Alaric and Stefan to take the other. Elena told Caroline that she wanted her memories of Damon back. And Alaric tells Stefan that he too gave up on looking for Damon.

Alaric pretends his car had broken down. Tripp speeds on and into the town. The van flips across the border. Stefan crosses the border and grabs Enzo and then Damon. Jo arrives to help Alaric. He asks to get him across the border, but she says he will die if she moves him. She saves him, but he is now human. Which means that he can’t give Elena her memories back. Elena is happy that at least one of them got what they wanted.

Matt takes Sarah home to the Mansion and tells her that Damon and Stefan are her relatives. But since they only bring pain to people he tells her to stay away from them. Jeremy can’t cancel Bonnie’s phone because he can’t remember her pin. He destroys the phone and breaks down.

Elena agrees to see Damon again. Damon shows up and hopes their love is strong enough to break the compulsion. Given the promos for next week, it doesn’t look like it works.

Stefan catches up with Caroline. He tells her that he wants to fix things and be friends. She tells him she doesn’t want to be friends with him anymore and then walks away.