Only In D.C.

A video of a senator in a diaper with a hooker gets leaked. This forces the Senator to resign. In the place of the Senator. Fitz endorses a candidate named Chip Putney to become the next senator of Virginia. Leo is running Chip’s campaign for senator.  Chip is Abby ex-husband. The same ex-husband that used to beat the crap out of her.

Abby calls Olivia because she vomited on her dress after hearing the news that Chip could be the next Senator. Olivia asks Abby what does she want? Abby is hesitant and scared. Olivia tells her that if she doesn’t want Chip to become senator then he won’t. Olivia goes to the opposing candidate Susan Ross. Olivia is going to take over Susan’s campaign. Olivia also goes to see Tom in jail. Tom tells Olivia that Fitz tried to kill himself when she left. Fitz also when to her apartment, when she was out of the country, and cried. Tom wants to know why she left him (Fitz) if she loves him so much. Olivia never answers. She only wants to know who gave the order to kill Jerry. Tom tells her that Jake ordered the hit. Olivia tells Tom to watch his back. Olivia makes it clear that command is done with him and that he will be killed.

The set up

There is a report that a terrorist bombing happened in West Angola. In retaliation Fitz send out the USS Truman for support. Cytus tells his boyfriend that they are sending the USS Roosevelt for support. Cyrus is doing this as a test to see if this information will get back to Congresswoman Liz. Cyrus has his staff monitor everything that Liz says to see if his boyfriend is a mole.

Chip approaches Abby in the parking lot. Chip wants to either have sex with or be friends with Abby. He tells her not to screw this up for him. Either way Abby pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot him. Abby runs to Olivia to tell her what happened. Olivia tells Abby to share her side of the story with the press. Olivia paints a picture of Abby becoming a hero. Abby brings up Monica Lewinski and Anita Hill. She asks Olivia what happened to them after they told their story?

Cyrus was told that Liz did not mention anything about the USS Roosevelt of West Anglia. Cyrus is happy that his boy toy is not the snitch that Abby made him out to be.

Leo walks into Abby’s office to gloat. He tells her that Chip will win. Leo has discovered that Susan Ross has lied about her backstory. Ross claimed that she was a widow. Leo has discovered that Ross was never married to her child’s father. Leo feels that this election in the bag. Abby tells Leo about the pin in her jaw and other horrible things that Chip has done to her. Abby calls “yatzee” as this is what Leo said to her when he thought that Chip was going to win.

Daddy Dearest

Rowan goes to Olivia house to reprimand her (as he can’t punish his grown daughter). Rowan tells her about interfering with his business with Tom and Jake. Rowan tells Olivia that if she goes up against him she will lose. Like always, Olivia disrespects her dad and goes against everything that he just said to her. In the prison. Tom is stabbed repeatedly by a prison guard. The guard tells Tom that this is compliments of command.

Mellie gives a television interview. This interview was supposed to be about White House dinnerware. Instead Mellie talks about West Angola and the USS Roosevelt. Cyrus now knows that his boyfriend is a snitch. Cyrus gets confirmation that his boyfriend is the leak. Leo finds Abby in the White House press room. Leo tells Abby that Chip is pulling his name out of the running for senator. Leo tells Abby that Chip was the person who set up the diaper wearing senator in the first place. This will seal Susan’s win. Leo leaked this information. Tom asks for Olivia. He tells her that she was right (that command would try to kill him). Tom tells Olivia that Rowan was the one that ordered the hit on Jerry Grant. Olivia goes to see Fitz. Olivia plays Tom’s confession of for Fitz.

Flashback Of Rowan telling Harrison that Fitz took his child (Olivia) so he  took his. Olivia is the one who had Tom attacked in order to get a confession out of him.

Olivia goes to see Jake. Fitz is there also.


Is Olivia really going to plan to kill her own father? I understand that she sorta hates him. Now with the evidence that he killed Jerry and setting up Jake will virtually put them off speaking terms for good but is she REALLY going to kill him? Or be apart of Fitz trying to kill Rowan. I hope not.