Well, it appears the wait is finally over.  After months of searching and weeks of searching again after Joaquin Phoenix backed out at the last minute, it appears Marvel has finally found the man to play Doctor Strange.  It has been reported earlier today that Marvel has entered final negotiations with fan boy favorite Benedict Cumberbatch to play the title character.

Like the countless other fan boys out there, I’m all for this.  Not only is Cumberbatch a terrific actor but from the little I know about Doctor Strange himself, the actor is also an excellent fit to play the character.  Cumberbatch has actually been on the top of my wishlist for Doctor Strange for months now (no disrespect to Tom Hardy and Keanu Reeves) after allegedly being approached by Marvel late last year but between his expanding movie career and an imminent fourth season of Sherlock, I’d mostly opted not to get my hopes up.  Thankfully though, those doubts ultimately proved to be unfounded and Marvel has somehow found a way to work around the actor’s schedule.

Is Cumberbatch the right choice to play Doctor Strange?  Do you think someone else would have made a better fit?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Collider