Best Horror Comedies


Shaun of the Dead

Caliber Winfield – Really, is there any other choice? Besides being the world’s first rom zom com, it’s one of the better movies ever made. To balance two genres such as horror & comedy, with both elements being played pitch perfect, is almost impossible.

The genius here is that the zombies were never played for laughs, and were kept as a serious threat. Along with that we had genuine bits of drama that were as emotional as any major Hollywood drama.

The action, special effects, atmosphere & characters, things that can be lost when you’re pushing other elements strongly, were on par with everything else, leaving the movie with zero weaknesses.

Honestly one of the greatest films of all time.



Derek Ciapala – I remember sitting in the theater both laughing my head off and jumping at each tense moment. Few movies have ever done that for me, and to this day, I still enjoy putting it in the DVD player.


Army of Darkness

Derek Johns – While all three films in the Evil Dead trilogy are good, my favorite has always been Army of Darkness. To me it’s by far the funniest and most quote worthy film in the series and showcases the perpetually awesome Bruce Campbell at his most bad-ass and wisecracking.


Cabin in the Woods

Caleb Masters – Cabin in the Woods is THE horror comedy any self proclaiming horror fan must see. It’s a giant love letter to the genre in the same way that a roast is the celebration of an enormously famous celebrity. Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard pulled back the curtain on horror by writing themselves in as the men in the control room. It just goes to show that the only thing we love more than watching horror movies is making fun of them as Cabin in the Woods reveals all the dirty secrets behind the Hollywood machine and our human nature to witness people being brutally murdered movie after movie.

Horror is a deeply flawed genre we can’t seem to get enough of and Cabin in the Woods doesn’t let a single trope go untouched. It’s the ultimate piece of horror satire that’s essential for anyone even remotely interested in the genre.


They Live

Ruby Le Rouge – They Live, “I’ve come here to chew gum and kick ass, and I’m all out of gum.” (Approx. Quote)

This movie is the quintessential horror comedy, and looking around at our world kind of believable.


Lesbian Vampire Killers

Bethany Lewis – Lesbian Vampire Killers is a British horror comedy, not about lesbians that kill vampires, but about killers of lesbian vampires. Combine James Corden as the ineffectual Everyman who turns out to be the hero and Paul McGann as a foul-mouthed priest taking on a small town curse that turns all it’s daughters into lesbian vampires and you have a pretty ridiculous movie. Oddly enough, the movie is known in the US simply as “Vampire Killers”, which completely excludes one of the main premises on which the movie operates.



Shawn S. Lealos – If this was just me, I would have said Shaun of the Dead or Cabin in the Woods. However, since those were already named, I would like to throw out a lesser known movie that you guys should see. That movie is Fido. The Canadian zombie movie starts after the humans already won the battle after the zombie apocalypse. Dead relatives and other zombies are now kept as servants, pets, etc. using shock control collars that have domesticated them. Carrie-Anne Moss, Dylan Baker, Tim Blake Nelson and Billy Connolly star in the movie, a quite brilliant take on the zombie horror movie.

Also, if you haven’t seen Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, you need to see it too.