In Arendelle, Elsa and Kristoff are discussing Anna. She wants to go after Anna and bring her home, but a problem has arisen. Hans is mounting an attack with his brothers. Kristoff scouts the camp and returns to tell Elsa that he has an urn that can trap magical beings inside. It is the only way he will defeat Elsa.

Kristoff takes Elsa to Hans’ camp. Elsa doesn’t want to destory the urn because it has a connection to her. Hans comes and takes Kristoff hostage. Hans opens the urn to imprison Elsa, but instead releases the Snow Queen. As soon as she is out she freezes Hans. While discussing Anna, the Snow Queen reveals she is their mother’s sister.

Who Is Really Behind This?

This week we see Snow White’s first town meeting. People are upset over the ice wall. Marion faints and seems to be getting colder by the minute. Similar to what happened to Anna in Frozen. She was going to freeze to death without a true act of love. Robin kisses her, but it doesn’t work.

Grumpy starts gathering people to go get Elsa. Emma has Hook take her to the sheriff’s station. He naturally doesn’t obey and he takes her to Gold to get some answers. He knows Gold didn’t give Belle the real dagger and he knows Belle won’t be happy when she finds out. Gold reverses the magic and sends it back to where it came from. Hook and Elsa follow the snowflakes.

Emma and Charming go to Robin Hood’s camp only to find Will Scarlet, from Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, going through his things. He tells them that during the blackout last episode he was scavenging through town and came across the ice cream shop. And the ice cream was still frozen even though there was no power. Emma and Charming go to the shop and see the entire back of the store is frozen.

Snow Queen

Elsa and Hook follow the magic to the Snow Queen. Elsa doesn’t remember meeting the Snow Queen. She captures Hook and tells Elsa that it was Anna that put her in the urn, but she can’t remember cause the rock trolls wiped her memory.

Emma uses her magic to save Hook and Charming from being killed by icicles. She blasts the Snow Queen next. The Snow Queen apparently knows Emma and she escapes. Later on, Hook tries to get Emma to open up to him. She says she doesn’t want to get close to Hook because everyone she ever loved is dead. He gets it and they share some kisses.

Regina and Henry decide to find the author of the book together in order to give her a happy ending. Regina is also called to help save Marion. She says she doesn’t know how to get rid of it, but she can slow it. She takes out Marion’s heart in order to keep her alive.

Rumpelstiltskin knows exactly who the Snow Queen is and why she is there and where she comes from. They talk in the forest and it’s only a matter of episodes before we find out the truth as well.