The Coulson and May Show

A religious painting is found in Miami. This painting has the same garbled text on the back of the canvas that Coulson and Garrett had been writing. May and Coulson pose as a couple at a party in order to steal this painting. It seems like, instead of saving the world, SHIELD has become common thieves. Coulson wants to talk to May about a contingency plan in case Coulson goes crazy the same way that Garrett did. May does not want to talk about this. However Coulson keeps pressing on. General Talbot is also at this dinner. Coulson fears that his cover may get blown due to Talbot. Talbot assures him that he will not get in his way as long as he doesn’t have to.

Coulson puts his plan on a fast track because of Talbot’s presence. He and May go to the basement to try and find the painting. When Coulson and May get to the basement they encounter a laser grid. While Coulson is thinking of a way across the laser grid, May just walks on through thinking that whoever is in charge already knows that they are there. While searching the basement they don’t come across the painting. Skye tells them that the painting is under government control. The painting was handed over to Talbot earlier in the day.

While trying to escape the guards at the party. Talbot offers to help Coulson and May get access to the painting. When Talbot finishes talking to them, he checks in with Whitehall asking how he should proceed. Whitehall tells Talbot that he has a new plan.

May meets Talbot at his hotel room in order to make sure that everything is ok before she lets Coulson go there. May encounters Agent 33 who attacks her. She takes agent 33 out and punches Talbot in the face. Talbots face flashes. It appears that it is Bakshi with a mask that made him appear as Talbot. Agent 33 finally gets the better of May. Bakshi reports back to Whitehall that Coulson and Talbot are not close so he has to set another plan into motion. That plan is outfitting Agent 33 in a mask with May’s face. Bakshi gives Agent 33 a bomb to take out the rest of Coulson’s team.

May (agent 33) goes back to the BUS in order to get Coulson. She tells Coulson that Talbot is trying to help them but they don’t have much time. May (agent 33) and Coulson drive back to Talbot’s hotel. Coulson tries to talk to May (agent 33) about the contingency plan. May (agent 33) just agrees with Coulson the entire ride. When Coulson and May (agent 33) are about to approach the room. Coulson tells May that they should have a cup of coffee after everything is over. May (agent 33) agrees, Coulson punches her in the face because the real May doesn’t like coffee. The real May is tied up with Bakshi. When May (the real one) hears the commotion in the hallway it gives her the time to break free and hit Bakshi across the head. May (real) goes out to the hallway to finish what her and Agent 33 started. Coulson goes after Bakshi who has the painting and is trying to escape.

On the BUS the bomb goes off. The bomb is taking out each system on the BUS. Fitz, with Hunters help. Fixes all of the electronic systems on the BUS. Fitz was being coached by imaginary Simmons the entire episode. She is trying to get him to be more social and engage with the crew. This event forces Fitz to talk to the rest of the team.

Being that May has kicked seemly everyone’s ass in the AOS cinematic universe. It is only fitting that she fights herself. Coulson blurts out that “He can’t believe that he is the only one seeing this” (a May on May fight). Agent 33 (still dressed as May) gets the real May pinned down on a table. May (the real one) takes a electric cord to Agent 33’s face, killing her. May and Coulson escape with the painting. Back on the BUS Coulson tells the real Talbot everything that happened. Talbot orders Coulson to hand over the painting  and everything else of Hydra’s that Coulson and his team has recovered. Coulson tells Talbot that the painting was destroyed in the fight. He also tells him that the painting was not as significant as Hydra thought.

After Credit Scene

Raina is trying to catch a flight down to Miami in order to get the painting. While in her car, Whitehall is there waiting for her. Whitehall puts a small blue device on her hand that incapacitates her. Whitehall tells her that she needs to bring the obelisk back to him or he will kill her. Whitehall gives her 48 hours to complete this mission or she dies.

The Aftermath 

As I said in the first few sentences of the recap it seem like SHIELD has been diverted to common criminals. Not an agency to save the world. At the latter half of last season it really seemed like this show has found it’s voice. Now 4 episodes into the second season it seems as if it’s lost it again. I understand that all this is leading up to something but Marvel has really got to get things moving. This show was just starting to gain traction with viewers now it is backsliding. It not like last season where this show only has itself to beat. AoS is losing in the ratings war with Gotham and it’s not even close. At the end of the day we all know that as far as broadcast TV. Rating is king and Gotham is kicking ass and takin names. The only thing that helped push AoS is the post Thor and pre Captain American tie in. With no such Marvel movies to latch on to until late in the season (early 2015) Agents of SHIELD has got to pick up the pace.