This episode starts where the last Boardwalk Empire episode left off. Chalky is in the room with Maitland. Chalky asks her who’s child is this. Maitland tells her that it’s hers. Narcisse walks in and a overdue meeting occurs.

Doyle has a kid take a few sandwiches up to Nucky. Upon further investigation. Nucky is gone. Nucky is out getting bloody drunk at a hole in the wall bar. Nucky doesn’t tell the woman who he really is. Nucky tells the woman that he is a salesman. Nucky eventually gathers the woman and her friend into a back alley in which he plans to bed them both. While about to do the deed with one. The other hits him across the head. Nucky is found later on the ground of the ally by the same kid that was sent to check on him. There has been speculation that this kid is Tommy Darmody, but with the kid giving an assumed name. We have no idea.

This Boardwalk Empire episode has two main pilot points for this week…

Ledgers on a platter

Eli and Muller go to Capone’s floor to drop off money. This is their story. They are actually trying to get the ledgers for Mike. Capones cronies tell them that they can’t access the safe because no one has the key. They decided to try and see if it’s open. This plan backfires in there face. Soon Capone enters the room. Capon finds out that Eli and Muller has brought him a bag filled with paper not money. Capone wants to know why on earth would they try to rob him? Capone feels that he has been too good to them. Especially to Eli as he gave him a place to hide in order to help Nucky out. Capone even asks Eli why he has never told him thank you. In a worrisome state, Eli tells Capone “thank you”. Capone tells him it is too late. Capone’s outburst makes him sound more like a child than a crime boss. Muller either in a state of clarity or psychosis. Pushes Capone on the desk, choking him, tells Capone that he will pay for all of the crimes he committed. In Mullers rage he tells Capone that he indeed was a fed and gives Capone his real name. Mike D’Angelo shoots Muller in the head. Capone is grateful for this. In turn, Capone generously lets Mike take Eli out of the hotel in order to murder him. Capone at this time is now more paranoid than ever. Capone gives the ledgers to Mike to put in a safe place. Mike gets what he wants without even trying. Mike throws Eli a few bucks and tells him to get out of town.

My Soul for Hers

Back at the standoff between Daughter Maitland, Chalky and Narcisse. Daughter plays a record for Narcisse. She hopes to have him help her in the music business. Daughter feels that she has been blackballed. She wants Narcisse to get her record on the radio. Chaky plays the record. Saying that while he was in jail. He closed his eyes and thought about her singing to get through the day. Chalky admits that after a while he forgot what she sounded like. He had to make it up as the years past. Chalky plays the record of Daughter singing “Dream a little Dream”. Chalky then tells the little girl to keep her momma away from men like him. Narcisse and Chalky broker a deal. Where Narcisse will help Daughter get on the radio. He will let her go and Chalky will go to work for Narcisse. Of course Chalky knows that the part where he and Narcisse work together is never going to happen. When Narcisse and Chalky leave out of a back alley. Chalky asks Narcisse how does he know that he will keep his end of the bargain? Narcisse tells Chalky that he doesn’t. He tells Chalky to tell himself that he will. Chalky prepares for his fate of being shot by Narcisse’s men. Chalky straighten out his suit, recalls the record hat Daughter played for him and takes his death like a man.


In this weeks Flashback we find an ambitious Nucky talking to a pregnant Mabel about getting ahead. He feels that no matter what he does he doesn’t feel like he is in the same circle as the Sheriff and the Commodore. Nucky makes his rounds to find an unhappy shopkeeper. The Shopkeeper complains about a boy that is stealing from him. Nucky makes it his business to find the thief. While on the boardwalk with Eli asking Nucky’s for help to get a job. They find the shoplifter. They chase him down to under the pier and lose him. Nucky discovers a box buried under the sand which can only mean that this kid lives under the pier. Eli and Nucky wait for the kid. When the kid arrives Nucky and Eli catch the thief. Nucky tries to talk to the kid. He asks him his name in which the kid gives a fake. Nucky tells the kid his real name in order to gain a bit of trust. This plan works, the kid tell Nucky that his name is Gillian. The two say that this is not a boy name. The kid tells Nucky that she is not a boy.

The Aftermath

At first I was disappointed with this Boardwalk Empire episode, partly because Chalky died. It wasn’t the fact that he died that bothered me so much. It was the fact that Narcisse got the better of Chakly. I’m still upset that Narcisse got Chalky but Chalky had nothing at this point. His daughter is dead, his family is gone. I guess that if Chalky felt that if there was even a chance that the little girl of Daughter’s was he’s he’d give his life for them. Being that he threw his life away for them. As far as Muller dying I guess it was inevitable. I have grown to like Muller since he moved from Atlantic city and has become a crazed maniac. This episode is building up to that war that we have been promised at the beginning of the season. It seems as if Capone is siding with Lucky. Nucky had Doyle round up an army to for after Lucky. In typical boardwalk fashion. once a season there is a big all and out war. The one on the horizon will be the mother of them all. I can’t wait.