Seth Rollins opens this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw and comes out to the ring. He is angry after the exploding briefcase from last week was shown. He then shows his own footage of taking out Ambrose and John Cena last week. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury came out and asked him to leave but he refused. John Cena ran in and attacked him. Rollins ran into the crowd and taunted Cena. Dean Ambrose walked up beside Rollins. When Rollins noticed, Ambrose attacked him. Rollins ran back to the ring and Cena attacked him more. Ambrose dived over onto both of them. Noble and Mercury pulled off Ambrose and Rollins ran away.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out. They asked the crowd if they wanted to see John Cena and Dean Ambrose get their hands on Seth Rollins. Triple H said he will give the fans want they want because Ambrose and Cena will team up tonight to battle Seth Rollins, Kane and Randy Orton in a handicap match.

WWE tag team champions Goldust and Stardust are in the ring when we get back from break. Cesaro is out next to team with them in a six-man tag team match against Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and The Usos. That was a fantastic match. The entire first half of the match saw the bad guys dominate one of the Usos. Finally, he got the hot tag to Dolph Ziggler, who the crowd loved. Ziggler just lit up the match and was hot tonight. He even pulled out the sleeper again. The end came after The Usos and Ziggler hit a TRIPLE SUPERKICK onto Cody Rhodes and one of the Usos hit a five star splash all the way across the ring for the win.

Kathie Lee and Hoda are next … and just to let you know, I absolutely hate listening to Kathie Lee and Hoda, so I am dreading this. Adam Rose and The Rose Buds accompanied them out and to the ring. They are both wearing what looks like pink Ric Flair robes. Just like their morning show, they have their wine in the ring. By the way, the reason that they are here is because Hoda is a breast cancer survivor. The fans are booing them. Hoda started doing a crazy dance so Katie Lee smashed a bottle on her butt. Hoda responded by breaking a bottle on Katie Lee’s butt. Adam Rose then got both women to crowd surf on the Rose Buds out of the arena. That was short but brutal.

Things took a turn for the better with a new Luke Harper promo where Bray Wyatt said that Harper came to him broken, but he fixed him and now he is setting him loose to hunt. This is awesome because it looks like they are not really breaking up The Wyatt Family, but having Bray Wyatt “save” Harper, which could mean more converts could be coming.

Bo Dallas is in the ring when we come back from commercial. Last week, he beat Mark Henry twice. Henry is out next for their rematch. Henry just destroyed Dallas in this match, but then went for revenge instead of the win. Henry tossed Dallas into the ring barricade. Henry cleared off the announcer’s table and went for the World’s Strongest Slam on the announcer’s table, but Dallas rolled through it and ran back into the ring to beat the count out. Bo Dallas has now beaten Mark Henry three times in a row.

Dean Ambrose is out next. He said that he has noticed lately that John Cena is getting in his space. He then showed footage from last week when he was teaming with John Cena and Cena left the match to fight Seth Rollins, leaving Ambrose alone in the match with Randy Orton and Kane. He said that he told Cena not to give him a reason not to like him and Ambrose is trying really hard. He calls out John Cena. Cena basically said that he did the same thing Ambrose would have done. Ambrose said that he is right because he doesn’t give a crap about John Cena either. Ambrose said he has no problem dropping Cena right now and taking on The Authority by himself. Cena reminds him of the last time he tried, and got his head put through cinderblock. Cena then says Ambrose has guts, but that has consequences, because Cena has no problems dropping him. John Cena tells Dean Ambrose not to give him a reason not to like him. Ambrose said that he is hungry, so he is going to Coney Island for a hotdog and walks out on Cena.

Triple H mocks John Cena backstage about Dean Ambrose leaving. He then promises that Seth Rollins will be the first man in the match so Cena can get his hand on Rollins at least at the start.

Up next is Brie Bella with one arm tied behind her back to fight Summer Rae. This is the same thing that Nikki Bella had done to her when Brie Bella quit before (continuing that angle). Just like winning the handicap match last week, Brie Bella beat Summer Rae with one hand tied behind her back (doing better than Nikki did before) and started a YES chant.

Backstage, The Miz and Dolph Mizdow went into Kane’s office and pulled the same crap where they kept making excuses and complaining. When Miz insulted Kane by calling him a B-list movie star compared to Miz’s A-list status. Kane booked Miz to fight Sheamus tonight.

Tyson Kidd actually gets a WWE Monday Night Raw match as he battles Jack Swagger. The end was interesting. Kidd tried to lock in the sharpshooter but Swagger reversed into the Patriot Lock. Kidd reversed out of it, flipped over the ropes and onto the apron and hit a big kick. He wanted to head up top but Natalya was in the way. By the time she moved and Kidd made it up top, Swagger had recovered and flipped Kidd down and locked in the Patriot Lock for the win. Tyson Kidd was not happy and was shooting Natalya dirty looks.

Roman Reigns was supposed to be at the arena tonight for WWE Monday Night Raw, but the interview is VIA satellite. Michael Cole interviews him via satellite. It was just one question – how are you doing – and Reigns gave some canned responses where he said that he will be back soon. That was very disappointing.

El Matadores and El Torito are out next. The match will pit El Torito against Mini-Gator (Hornswoggle), who comes out with Slater Gator. Michael Cole said this is “hilarious” which proves he has a horrible sense of humor. JBL compared the mini Gator to Superstar Bill Dundee – what? Gator tried to crawl around and bit Hornswoggle. El Torito won with the flip splash from the top buckle while the fans crapped all over the match.

They show Big Show’s forced apology to the Russian people for throwing the Russian flag on the ground last week. Up next, Rusev and Lana respond to the apology and Big Show is there, but is “inactive” this week as he had to undergo sensitivity training. Rusev said that the WWE is no super power and challenges Big Show to come down so he can crush him. Rusev then calls Big Show a coward, just like all of America.

THE ROCK IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock is staring at Rusev and hasn’t even spoken yet and the fans are already chanting “this is awesome.” He tells Lana and Rusev to “know your role.” He even got the fans chanting “Derek Jeter.” Lana: “Who do you think you are?” Lana: “You need to shut up.” The Rock: “You need to stop dressing like a Soviet street walker.” Rusev tells the American piece of garbage to leave now or he will crush him. The Rock then tells Lana that she is beautiful and smokin’ but it’s too bad she walks around like someone shoved a Smirnoff bottle up her Putin. The Rock: “You think you are going to crush The Rock? … It doesn’t matter what you think!” The Rock tells them that fans don’t boo them because they are Russian, they boo them because they are A-holes. Lana then takes the mic from Putin and says that Rusev is hungry. Rock says he will re-introduce himself and then beats the holy hell out of Rusev. Lana and Rusev take off while Rock stands tall.

Paige is out next with Alicia Fox for a tag team match. AJ Lee is out next and there is no word on who her partner will be. It turned out to be Emma. AJ started out and just dominated. AJ tagged out to Emma. Actually, Emma got a lot of offense but because she kept dancing instead of going for a pin, AJ Lee walked out on her and Paige kicked her head off and hit the Ram-Paige for the pin.

Up next is a new Erick Rowan promo where Bray Wyatt talks about Rowan being cast out as a child. However, Wyatt said that he has fixed Rowan and has set him free. It looks like The Wyatt Family is either completely breaking up or Wyatt is just spreading his disciples while looking for more.

Happy 79th Birthday Bruno Sammartino.

The Miz is out next with Damien Mizdow for his match with Sheamus. The crowd kept chanting “We want Mizdow” the entire match. The entire match, Mizdow was mimicking every move Miz did. They also started chanting “Sandow is better.” Sandow actually took a Brogue Kick meant for The Miz and Miz wrapped up Sheamus for the pin.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is in the ring and acknowledges the breast cancer survivors in attendance. Lawler then brought out journalist Joan Lunden, who is battling breast cancer right now. She acknowledges the survivors at ringside by name. John Cena came out and hugged her and walked her to the back.

John Cena is out first for the WWE Monday Night Raw main event. Randy Orton is out, and I just realized I have not seen Orton until now tonight. Kane is out next. Seth Rollins is the final man out for the match. Rollins starts the match just as Triple H said he would but then immediately tagged out to Kane. Ugh, this was one of those stupid finishes where Cena was going for the Attitude Adjustment when Kane made the save so the referee called for the DQ. Why is this a DQ but when the Usos save each other, it is ok?

DEAN AMBROSE is back with a street vender’s cart! He walks it down to the ring and starts to eat a hot dog. Kane and Orton laugh and then start towards him. Ambrose opens his jacket and has gun holsters with mustard in one side and ketchup in the other. He sprays both men and then takes them down with the cart. Ambrose is in the ring and going nuts on Rollins. Kane and Orton make the save but Cena pulls off Orton. Cena throws Rollins out of the ring. Cena hits the AA on Orton. Ambrose suicide dive onto Rollins. He jumps relish, sourkraut and mustard on Rollins and then takes the tongs to Rollins’ nether-regions. Kane with the save. Kane sends Ambrose into the ring but Cena catches Kane with the AA. Rollins escapes.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are out. Triple H books Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena at Hell in a Cell, and the winner gets to fight Seth Rollins inside of the Hell in a Cell. Dean Ambrose spins Cena around, kicks him and then hits a double underhook DDT to fire the first punch. The fans love Ambrose and a YES chant breaks out as he stands tall in the ring.