Eli’s wife comes in to town. Much to Eli’s surprise she is pregnant. Eli wants her and the children to come live in Chicago with him. Eli tells her that they are going to have a home cooked meal with his co-worker Muller (Van Alden).

Margaret seattles her case with Mrs. Rothstein. Mrs. Rothstein’s lawyer doesn’t want to accept the check that Margaret gave to him because the check was created by an out of town company (the Old Rumpus room). Margaret tells the lawyer that (The Old Rumpus) is one of Nucky’s holding companies. Mrs. Rothstein takes the check. Margaret’s lawyer doesn’t like the fact that she withheld her being married from him. She then asks him t0 set up an account in a different name for Nucky. The purpose of the account is to short the Mayflower stock.

Capone is getting worried about the feds. The coupled with all of the attention that he is getting. Capone wants all the money and the operation moved by tomorrow. Nucky meets up with Torrio to set up another meeting with Maranzano. Nucky wants to get Lucky off of his back. Torrio tells Nucky that he wants to go with him to the meeting. Nucky doesn’t want Lucky there. Torrio tells Nucky that he will take care of that.

When Nucky gets back to the Old Rumpus room. He finds Chalky sitting in his office. Nucky tells Chalky that he should stay at the Rumpus because Chalky is a wanted man. Chalky hesitates at first, but then takes heed to Nucky’s advice.

Guess whos cumming to dinner

Eli and June go to Muller house for supper. Sigrid has the worst bitch-fit that she has had all season. Thats saying a lot being that she’s been extra bitchy this season. When Muller asks for Eli’s help in cleaning the table. Eli goes into the kitchen, stares at a painting. Then has a flashback of him and Sigrid doing the grown up dance. Apparently Eli forgot whom he slept with. When Sigrid and June asks what happened. Sigrid spills the beans on the whole matter. As if that didn’t make things bad enough. Mike knocks on the door being “Police Mike”, not Capone’s goon Mike. He wants to take a little drive with Eli and Muller.

Gillian is still in the loony bin. One of her crazy friends has been taken away for basically being crazy. When the woman comes back, she shows Juillan a scar (on her stomach) that the good Dr. Cooper gave her because “thats where the sickness is”. Gillain then goes to speak with Dr. Cooper to tell him that she is completely sane now. Gillian also wants to go home. Dr.  Cooper tells her that insanity is like malaria and other turn of the century diseases. Just because it temporarily went away doesn’t mean that it’s cured. Dr. Cooper intends to help her. From what we know it will be by cutting some part of her.

Pointless Flashbacks

In this weeks pointless flashbacks we see, somewhat grown up, Deputy Nucky dealing with the resident crazy old lady of Atlantic City . She thinks that there is a body under the pier. When Nucky investigates he finds a dead hog. Nucky also meets with Mabel’s father, who hates Nucky from the jump. Mabel’s dad thinks that Nucky needs to prove a lot to himself instead of just telling people what they want to hear. Nucky goes to the sheriff’s house at the wee hours of the morning to see if he can help the sheriff do his “under the table” jobs for the Commodore. The sheriff tells Nucky to go home. In one of the last scenes Nucky get called back by the crazy lady. This time there is a dead body. It is the body of the man that Nucky returned his hat (when Nucky was a kid).

I got the message 

Nucky goes to the meeting that Torrio has set up. Long story short the place gets shot to hell. With Nucky’s bodyguard saving him. Lansky and Lucky meet with Torrio telling him that there is no way of knowing who died and who remains alive. Until Nucky calls Torrio and tells him that he got the message.

Eli and Muller are given the option by Mike to steal the ledgers of Capone’s operation. Mike gives them this choice or the gas chamber. Muller tells Mike that the ledgers are coded. Mike shows them Capone’s accountant tied up in another room. He’s been persuaded by the bugs crawling all over him. The accountant’s fear of bugs helped with his cooperation.

The show closed with Chalky making his way into Narcisse’s whore house. Chalky has slipped a gun in and looks for Narcisse. Instead Chalky finds a little girl and Narcisse’s incest love child.

 There is a LONG way to go in so little time

Every week I watch the ending trailers thinking that this next episode will be the best episode of the season. Then I keep getting disappointed. I pretty much know that everyone will die in one murderous scene in the last episode. Everyone Except Nucky and Capone because we know how their story ends. I just leave each episode wanting more. Well it won’t be long now.