In this episode, Mara continues causing havoc with the Troubles.  Audrey comes through a few more times to but doesn’t have good news about how to stop the Troubles.

Gumball Licked the Froggy Legs

In the last episode, Nathan went to dig up the Crocker book so that Mara could release one of Duke’s Troubles before he explodes from the overload.  Duke told Mara to go ahead and do it without waiting for Nathan.  Right then, Dwight barged in.  In the present episode, Dwight allows Mara to help Duke so he doesn’t die.  Nathan is still not back but Duke remembers the Scoville name.  Before Mara touches him, he tells her he will pretend she is Audrey so he can trust her to do this.  That causes Audrey to pull through for a few seconds; long enough to tell Duke it’s not his fault.  Of course, Mara comes back through before he is able to find out what Audrey is talking about.  Mara still doesn’t know that Audrey has been coming through.  Every time Audrey comes through she seems desperate, fearful, and weak.  It is not quite the Audrey we’re used to seeing but I suppose one can’t be stoic while smothered under someone else’s personality.

After Mara releases the Trouble, Duke starts talking nonsense.  Every time he tries to speak, random words come out of his mouth like “hardy knob rob tickle bee”.  Nathan and Duke consult the Crocker journal and find out that Scoville was a stuttering harbor pilot.  When his ship wrecked, many people died.  The guilt caused the Nonsense Trouble to flare.  Duke’s guilt over Jennifer’s death is giving the Trouble power over him, just like his denial of her death released the “see/speak/hear no evil” Trouble on people.  When these Troubles are released, they seem to latch onto his emotions.  Once he came to terms with that, he was able to speak normal again.

Mara Toys with the Insects

Mara tells Dwight that they are less than insects to her and she continues to prove that by toying with them.  Dwight tells Mara that everyone wants to kill her because of the Troubles and all she has done.  She tells him she’s the only one that can cure the Troubles and agrees to cure one person.  They reluctantly let her cure Jody who’s body sucks in light and focuses it into laser beams that burn and kill.  They snuffed her out by wrapping her in a coats and blankets but without the light, she is dying.  At first it seems like Jody has been cured since they are able to take all the layers off of her.  After she is driven away, birds start falling to the ground, water starts boiling, fires start from gas, and people’s eyes start boiling in their heads.  The cell phones don’t have service either.  It turns out that Mara didn’t cure Jody; she adjusted her Trouble so that the beams of light are now invisible microwaves.  Jody is basically soaking in all the microwaves (from satellites, cell phones, etc.) into concentrated killer beams, cooking anything her beams hit.  The birds were cooked when they fell to the ground, but they couldn’t tell that at first because they still had their feathers on.  Mara feels like this alteration was ingenious on her part.  She still had that black goo ball she lifted from Nathan a few episodes ago and Dwight didn’t see her use it.

Mara also gets her kicks by messing with Duke and Nathan.  Duke and Nathan sneak into the cabin because Nathan is convinced Audrey is in there and wants to protect her.  He also believes she can end the Troubles.  Duke is still talking nonsense when they sneak in there so Mara takes advantage of that and tells Nathan about the steamy night Duke and Audrey had in Colorado.  Since Duke can’t talk right, he is unable to explain to Nathan that it was just a kiss and nothing else happened after that.  Audrey didn’t want to ruin their friendship.  Nathan gets upset and starts to get into Duke’s space.  Duke tries to write an explanation but it comes out as “delicious taco”.  I thought that was hilarious.  Before tempers flare any higher though, Dwight discovers them and has them hand-cuffed and out of the way.  When Duke gets his normal speech back, he is able to tell Nathan that he didn’t sleep with Audrey.

Vince & Dave Seek Professional Help

Dave is out of the hospital and he and Vince have a lot to work out.  Vince is upset about all the secrets Dave has kept from him. One large secret was that Dave is from the other world.  One secret that even Dave doesn’t seem to remember is what happened during that hour they were all in the cave.  They decide to talk to a woman they call the Iron Maiden, a therapist.  She tries to talk to them together to help them work out their issues and figure out what happened in the time they lost but they keep bickering.  She decides to talk to each of them one-on-one with Dave going first.  She puts Dave under hypnosis and we see a peek into his dream.  It is from his perspective and it appears he is running or hunting, but that is all we get to see.  However, it seems the therapist learned some things.  She calls Vince after Dave leaves, sounding panicked about what she learned.  It seems like something is in the room with her but we don’t get to see it. We see her scream in terror though.  By the time Vince gets there, she acts like he and Dave are late for their session.  She has no memory that they had their session already or that she spoke on the phone with Vince minutes beforehand. Dave walks in ready for his session.  He seems to have lost the same amount of time and memory.  The therapist through her notes and sees that she stopped writing at some point, but the last page has a single word: croatoan.

Is Audrey in There?

Up until now, Dwight has been thinking that Nathan was delusional about Audrey still being in there and he was sick of hearing the broken record.  All he cares about is ending the Troubles.  However, he finally has his moment of seeing her come through briefly.  It happens when Mara starts taunting him about his daughter who died from their family’s bullet Trouble.  He realizes just how sick she is and says he sees why Nathan wants Audrey back.  He starts talking about Audrey being a hero and walking into the barn to end the Troubles, and then she comes through for a second.  Dwight, Nathan, and Duke figure that Audrey comes through for Duke and Nathan because she loves them.  They believe she came through for Dwight because she cares about helping troubled people.  They figure that has to be it since she didn’t come out for other people who talked to her when they thought she was Audrey.  They team up and talk to Mara as Audrey all together.  They hope that Audrey will have Mara’s memories and be able to stop the Troubles.  Audrey does come through when they all talk to her, but apparently she only retains memories of whatever Mara was last thinking before she comes through.  She doesn’t know how to stop the Troubles and she doesn’t believe that Mara can either.  Mara can’t take them out of people.  She can only put them in.  Worse than that, Mara is now aware that Audrey is still alive and she’s determined to snuff her out.

Emily Rose plays the deliciously evil Mara well.  She’s so freaky, devious, and cold-hearted.  It takes some talent to play all those personalities.

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