When the Seraphim goes missing, Molly works with the ISEA to extract the necessary information from Sparks in order to find it and save Sean Glass. Sparks refuses to help until it is revealed that Katie is still alive and aboard the Seraphim. The race is on to save the Seraphim crew from certain death. Meanwhile, Odin continues to manipulate Ethan into thinking his parents don’t love him and want to shut him down. Julie beings to have doubts about Odin and his motives.

The Seraphim

Sean and Katie, old friends and co-workers, reconnect on the Seraphim. Katie had been drifting in suspended animation in the Aruna escape pod for nearly two years before her rescue. The two solo space travelers are enjoying connecting with another human being. Meanwhile, the two are unaware of the imminent danger they are in, but begin to have an idea that something is not quite right. The Space Baby made Molly change the Seraphim’s course, which is taking it out of orbit to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Sean and Katie are out of contact with the ISEA and are unable to initiate the usual escape protocols. When Sean says they might need to get in escape pods Katie starts to panic, still traumatized from her ordeal. Sean comforts Katie and they kiss. Outside the stuck Seraphim door, a black fungus grows and traps them inside. Later, Sean records a report that says he might have to sedate Katie for her own safety, but she overhears. Sean, checking for supplies, finds Katie dead in a cupboard. The hatch closes and he is trapped in the room, with another Katie looking down at him through the hatch window. She tells him it will be okay. Meanwhile, when it is revealed to Sparks that Katie is still alive, he tells the ISEA everything he knows in order to save her. The Space Baby said the Seraphim’s destruction is necessary, but Sparks doesn’t know for what.


The ISEA has a plan to save the Seraphim, but wants Molly to be the one to carry out the mission. No one knows the Seraphim like she does and the ISEA thinks she is the only one for the job. Molly is unsure, not wanting to go back to the Seraphim after everything that happened to her there. When she talks it over with John, he is upset and angry that she would even consider it and is slighted by her continued involvement in the whole Space Baby affair. He feels like she’s never there with him anymore and feels threatened by the fact that Molly was able to see Marcus and her lost baby again. After their argument, Molly encounters the Space Baby out on their patio.

The Space Baby

The Space Baby turns up on Molly’s doorstep. Ethan walks in on John having a vision of Molly and grows frightened. When Ethan runs to tell Molly, he sees the Space Baby outside and gets scared. He locks the house and throws something at it to scare it away. Molly runs after the Space Baby. Ethan runs away on his bike. Molly finds the Space Baby in an old shed. The Space Baby is now a young boy around Ethan’s age, looking like a normal boy except for glowing eyes. The Space Baby is afraid of the others like him, the ones without bodies, telling Molly that they are on their way and he can’t stop them. He keeps giving Molly visions, trying to tell her through her father and Marcus about the coming danger, but Molly is having none of it. She wants to talk to him. Finally, he understands and they talk face to face. She asks him to send them back, but he’s not strong enough. He tells her that he is the only one who can stop them. She agrees and hugs him, only to realize that even that was a vision. John finds her and she tells him that she has to be the one to save the Seraphim.

Ethan and Odin

Odin continues to manipulate Ethan, telling him that his parents want to shut him down and giving him a special phone to call him in case they try anything. This special phone is actually a detonator for the explosive device that Odin installed in Ethan. When a gap of ninety minutes is discovered in Ethan’s regular operating time, Ethan is brought in for diagnostics. He grows frightened, thinking that he’s there to be turned off. He nearly presses the button on the detonator, thinking he’s calling Odin for help, when Julie recognizes something amiss. She asks him what’s wrong and he tells her that Odin told him everyone was planning to shut him down. She sets him straight, but it gets her wondering about Odin and his motives. She learns that Odin is actually called Gavin Hutchinson, an anti-robot activist. She searches his apartment and finds a video prepared to publish after the planned explosion, blaming Ethan for its execution and using it to prove his point about the dangers of sentient machines. Julie rushes to Ethan’s house to make sure everything is okay and finds John in a trance. She snaps him out of it and John goes to find Molly while Julie goes to find Ethan. She finds him rushing away on his bike and tells him to get into her car.