David Fincher may finally be directing his own crime noir but not in the way you might be expecting.  According to an article from The Playlist, Fincher and author James Ellroy are currently developing a 1950s noir TV series for HBO.  The series is in the very early stages of development and very little is known about the project at this point except that the show will be set in Los Angeles.

For those not familiar with the work of James Ellroy, he is best known for the L.A. Quartet, a set of L.A. based crime novels that has led to a couple of film adaptations.  The first being 1997’s L.A. Confidential which was released to critical acclaim and nominated for nine Academy Awards (losing most of them to Titanic).  His other notable adaptation The Black Dahlia (which Fincher was attached to direct for awhile) however, was far less successful and was released in 2006 to great critical disappointment and even greater indifference from the audience.

While nothing has been set in stone between Fincher, Ellroy and HBO, my gut tells me this show will make it to the airwaves eventually.  Fincher’s name alone brings great credibility to the project and HBO probably wouldn’t mind getting a show that can fill the mobster related period piece void that will be left by Boardwalk Empire.  As a matter of fact, if Fincher decides to direct the first episode, it could generate the same kind of buzz that Boardwalk Empire did in it’s first season after Martin Scorsese directed the pilot episode.

Of course it should be noted that this was a similar approach TNT took with Frank Darabont and Mob City just last year before unceremoniously cancelling the show after just one season, but I’d still be hard pressed to bet against Fincher or Ellroy making this show into something good and successful.

Do you think HBO will end up making this series?  Will you want to watch it?  Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Film School Rejects