Stephen King dollar baby filmmakers have gone on to create movies like The Shawshank Redemption and Jersey Shore Shark Attack and the TV series The Walking Dead and The Event. These filmmakers all got their starts making short films based on Stephen King short stories to get their break in the business. Now you can help another Stephen King dollar baby filmmaker get his feature length film debut underway.

The dollar baby filmmaker is James Cox and the movie is Control Alt Delete. Cox and his producer Baruch B. Kaufman have a Kickstarter running to raise funds to make the movie and they are closing in on their goal. The production has raised $40,000 on their own and if they can raise $20,000 through this Kickstarter campaign, they have an investor who will raise $40,000 more to give the film a $100,000 budget.

James Cox directed the Stephen King dollar baby film Grey Matter, one of the more professional looking dollar baby films I have seen, and I have seen a large number of these films. For those who know the short story, Cox took a story that just had a man mutating in his house and created a fantastic short film about the man’s son and how he dealt with the horrors. Tyler Chase, who went on to play Ben in The Walking Dead (which a former dollar baby filmmaker created as a TV show as well), stars in the dollar baby.

Control Alt Delete is described as a Crichton-esque techno-thriller about hackers and sysadmin fighting to escape a data center overrun by a deadly artificial intelligence. Blake Robbins (Oz, Sons of Anarchy) will star in the film and serve as a producer as well.

With just four days to go, Control Alt Delete has raised $15,359 and only needs $4,641 to reach its goal and help these filmmakers make the film a reality. Head over to the Kickstarter campaign to see what all perks that the filmmakers are offering (you can own a digital copy of the movie for just $15 and get a one-on-one acting class with Blake Robbins for $500).