Molly and Kern continue to pursue Sparks and Anya to retrieve the Offspring. Sparks begins doubting their mission, but Anya is more obsessed and determined than Sparks to keep her daughter alive. Ethan escapes Yasumoto’s house with the help of Odin but is betrayed when Odin shuts him down. John discovers Yasumoto’s secret condition and the sustaining substance that keeps him alive.

The Space Baby

The Space Baby continues to make its way to safety using Sparks and Anya. Yasumoto sends his security force to intercept them but the Space Baby turns everyone against each other so that he can escape. Anya stops at a restaurant to take a woman’s car. When the woman threatens to call the police, the Space Baby makes her taser herself. They go to a motel. Sparks begins to feel the extent of his actions and doubts the wisdom of continuing. Anya is determined to continue and gives Sparks an ultimatum. When Molly and Kern arrive at the motel they find only Sparks who says he has been left behind. They take him back to the ISEA to confess to the conspiracy. He says he realized he was wrong and that Anya and the Space Baby left him because of it. It turns out that Sparks merely wanted to infiltrate the ISEA to complete some sort of task started by Molly while in her trance. The Space Baby leaves Anya sleeping in a tunnel and goes its own way.


Molly is convinced that the only way to bring the Space Baby in safely is if she can make contact on her own and convince him of his safety. She thinks that he won’t hurt her because she’s his mother, but Kern wonders if there’s some other more significant reason behind it. He reasons that the Space Baby knows everything about them and that he must have given Molly the vision of her dead child for a reason. Molly apparently doesn’t remember entering her access code into the computer while in the trace and is deeply confused when Sparks finishes whatever process she started. After all of Yasumoto’s men are killed, despite her warning, she wants to call her partnership with him quits. Unfortunately, he is still holding her family hostage and he makes a vague threat regarding their safety. Once Molly is in a position to do so, she formulates a plan where she trades Yasumoto her family for the Space Baby, which she doesn’t actually have. When they meet to exchange in an empty parking garage, Yasumoto suspects that Molly is lying and threatens her life. John has a backup plan and threatens to destroy the last remaining vial of the Substance unless Yasumoto lets them go. He gives up and is captured by Kern and brought to the ISEA.

Ethan and Odin

At the end of last week’s episode, Ethan had escaped to the lab and Odin left with him, promising to help him find Julie. Odin brings him back to his house, telling him that he’s left a message for Julie. He then begins to tell Ethan how he overheard John telling Yasumoto that he wanted to shut Ethan down, which understandably troubles Ethan. Odin convinces Ethan to let him check his power cells and then shuts him down. He places some kind of remote explosive in Ethan’s circuitry and then calls Julie to avoid suspicion. When John eventually comes home and asks Ethan how he is, Ethan leaves the room silently and angrily, leaving John concerned and confused. Odin shrugs it off, saying he’s probably just tired.


While John is trapped in Yasumoto’s house he does some investigating. He eavesdrops on a conversation Yasumoto has in Japanese about his rapid aging and the last vial of the Substance. When Yasumoto checks his life expectancy, the machine tells him he has eight days left. John opens the safe containing this substance and appears to have been caught before investigating further. Later, however, it seems that he had made a clever switch and kept the Substance for insurance. After Yasumoto is captured by the ISEA, he tells Molly the story of his life. He used to be a poor miner for Claypool Industries, which used to mine meteorites that had fallen to Earth. One day, Yasumoto was trapped in a cave in and was sustained for over a month by the Substance he discovered dripping from the meteorite. When he was finally rescued, Claypool gave him a bunch of shares to keep him quiet and allowed him to return for what remained of the Substance. Yasumoto used all his resources to discover where the Substance came from but had to wait 140 years before space travel technology was advanced enough to mine the asteroid. When he sent a mission to mine the asteroid, they made contact instead.


Glass, the current occupant of the Seraphim, gets an alert that a rescue ship wants to board the space station. When the men come aboard, they say that the person they rescued says that she’s “one of yours”, apparently meaning ISEA. The rescued person is Katie Sparks, apparently alive and well. If this is true, the Space Baby can obviously project more than just the dead. But what if this person isn’t Katie?