The cinematic war between Marvel and DC Comics movies has been noticeably one-sided so far.  There have been a number of reasons for this that have been discussed in great detail for years but apparently Warner Brothers believes they have finally figured out what the problem is.  It seems that the studio believes the big problem with Man of Steel was that it was just too silly, so now they have allegedly mandated a “No Jokes” rule for future DC films.

There has been at least two reporters supporting these claims, though Seth Rogen of all people has been quick to dismiss these claims (though how he’s in a position to know this is anyone’s guess).  One reporter from HitFix believes this “No Joke” rule has been made in response to the fiasco that was Green Lantern.  

Personally, I really hope this isn’t true but I’ll be less than surprised if it turns out it is.  Warner Brothers has proven time and again they don’t really know how to make a good comic book movie unless Christopher Nolan is around to babysit (and even that has yielded some questionable results).  The super serious approach is also the only way that’s made them any money in the movie theater so it’s not exactly a big shock to hear they’ve just decided to go into default mode make all their films like The Dark Knight regardless of whether or not it’s a good move creatively speaking (see Man of Steel).  Further proof of this is the fact that Zack Snyder has been hired to direct the future Justice League film once he has wrapped production of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.   

As for the Green Lantern theory that wouldn’t surprise me either.  Sure, Green Lantern bombed because the special effects were terrible, the script was boring, and (most relevantly) the jokes weren’t funny.  This way though they get to blame the audience instead of themselves for the film’s financial failure.  Clearly it was because the audience didn’t have a sense of humor and not because Warner Brothers was clearly more concerned with making a new franchise than making it a good franchise.

Also, what better way to prove you’re not trying to copy Marvel than by basically doing the exact opposite of what has made Marvel so successful?

Do you believe the DC Comics movies “No Jokes” rule to be true?  Do you think it’s a good idea?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.      

Source: Slashfilm