It’s only been a little over two short weeks since the comedic prodigy Robin Williams passed away and book publishers are already hard at work on a biography detailing the actor’s legendary career.

Publisher Henry Holt announced that New York Times writer Dave Itzkoff  has been tapped to begin penning “the definitive comprehensive account of Williams’s life”.

Dave Itzkoff is an acclaimed New York Time writer who actually covered the front-page obituary for the paper. “Robin Williams was a cultural hero of mine,” Itzkoff said in a statement announcing the deal. “In the encounters and interactions I was able to share with him, he was always gentle and generous, humane and thoughtful and hilarious.”

It’s still unreal to believe that we’ll never see another Robin Williams performance after next year and I’m really excited to see that publishers aren’t pulling any punches when it comes to honoring the inspiring actor’s life. A man like Williams is sure to have some incredible experiences and I for one can’t wait to read even further into unforgettable life. Keep your eyes peeled to Renegade Cinema as more news of Biography breaks in the coming months.

In the meantime, lets talk the Robin Williams bio in the comments below. What parts of the comedians life did you find most interesting?