Directed By: Joseph O’Brien
Written By: Joseph O’Brien

Cast: David Hayter, Maria Del Mar, Casey Hudecki, Amanda Joy Lim, Samantha Wan

One part Coen Brother’s crime gone wrong, one part Japanese horror flick, and one part ill-conceived student grade script, no parts Lovecraftian horror (as the official Devil’s Milesynopsis insists). 3 kidnappers on route to deliver two Japanese school girls to a notorious crime boss, take a wrong turn down a haunted highway. From the beginning of this flick, taking cues from the 80’s horror comedy Highway to Hell, down to the gas station pit stop, with not so subtle warning not to continue down ‘that’ road.  Already late, they check in to find that time is the least of their worries, when they are told they’ve got the wrong girl. 1 out of 2 ain’t bad, right? Opting to take their chances, they find themselves stuck on a stretch of road that plans to punish them for their sins.

For a low budget movie the acting isn’t bad, and the supernatural special effects far exceed some films that have hit the main Devil’s Milestream horror market. Holding a Silent Hill quality, the spirits on the Devil’s Mile deliver some decent chills. Where the flick falls apart is the nonsensical ending, meant to be a twist, but it leaves the viewer wondering how the writer came to such a ridiculous conclusion. It would have been better to have taken a more mundane route, or even the classic single survivor fade out, than what we were left with; which cheapened the high points throughout.

If you are looking for a high quality horror flick, this isn’t it. If you are looking for some inspiration to make a high quality horror flick, Devil’s Mile might be worth a watch.