The contestants start the week at Sony Pictures, with the girls hoping for a whimsical challenge and the guys fearing just that. Mackenzie gathers them beneath an immense rainbow, where a tea party has been set up and reveals that they will be tasked, in teams of 2, with bringing the characters from Frank L. Baum’s Wizard of Oz to life. Though, as usual, the challenge comes with a twist. Tying in the tea party, they must create these characters as if they have fallen down the rabbit hole, in a Wonderland/Oz mash up. The ultimate in whimsical challenges, the world’s of these 2 classic tales will collide on stage.

The Teams

  • Sasha & Jason- Cowardly Lion
  • George & Drew- The Wicked Witch of the West
  • Dina & Stella- Winged Monkey
  • Cig & Damien- Scarecrow
  • Rachael & Keaghlan- Tin Woodsman

After getting their assignments the teams excitedly get to work, creating some off the wall concepts that embrace the chaos of Wonderland. Sasha and Jason butt heads when Jason insists on making a dark and creepy Cowardly Lion, wanting to make something “cool” instead of something colorful, as Mackenzie implied was a key element of the Spotlight Challenge.
Michael Westmore tells Jason and Sasha that their sculpt falls short of everyone else’s, and color is a must if they want to survive this round. Sasha has the chance¬†to take control, making their lion something she can be proud of, but fails to take it. She continues to struggle with Jason’s work and attitude.
Dina and Stella convince Rachael to let them trim her hair so they can use some of her bright purple locks in their flying monkey make up.

Day 2 Stella fabricates a deck of cards out of L200 to make the monkey’s wings, and Keaghlan and Rachael struggle for symmetry on their Tin man’s face sculpt. Sasha works on their lion’s fur suit, drawing inspiration from the Cheshire Cat, adding stripes (though leaves out the element of color). Jason works to break free their locked mold with success.

Day 3 is all about application. Sasha worries about their lion’s paint job, with Jason having no plan or direction for color or technique. Drew and George worry that their witch isn’t wonderland enough. The cyclone motif they planned for the witch’s head is a bit too subtle, lacking the obvious tornado aesthetic. Nervous, the teams take to the stage.

At judging Mackenzie reveals that the next week, there will be a very special edition of Face Off, called Judge Match, where the judges will have to compete against each other. The best former contestants will return to help them bring their concepts to life.


  • Stella & Dina
  • Keaghlan & Rachael
  • Damien & Cig
  • George & Drew
  • Sasha

Winner: Dina

Voted Out: Jason


George and Drew¬†believed their paint job to be well done, but to my eyes it looked like she was dipped in solid pea soup green, with little definition or contrast. Rachael and Keaghlan pulled off a beautiful a beautiful paint job on their tin man. Sasha has a good eye and is a talented designer, but she desperately needs to find the courage to back up her ideas. Jason seems to struggle with seeing the difference between a lion and a werewolf. It was hardly even reminiscent of a lion, and his poor concept made him undeniably deserving of being sent home. Dina and Stella’s flying monkey was the true winner of the night, being the perfect mix of creepy and cute.