Godzilla was a pretty big hit this year, both critically and at the box office. A sequel is not in the works, although director Gareth Edwards will have to wait until he is finished with his Star Wars spin-off movie to get started on it. That didn’t stop Legendary Pictures from bringing something to Comic-Con 2014 concerning the movie.

Thomas Tull, the man who runs Legendary Pictures, showed up at Comic-Con 2014 and presented a video from Edwards, who could not be there thanks to his work on Star Wars. Edwards joked that he is excited to get back to Godzilla 2 but has to make a “small little sci-fi movie next.”

That was cool, but what Tull presented the audience with next was just pure awesomeness. He said this is what we are thinking about the sequel and then showed some video footage of destruction around the planet before three classic Godzilla monsters were shown – Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah. The video ended with the words “let them fight.”

And Godzilla fan’s heads exploded.

For everyone else:

Godzilla 2


Godzilla 2


Godzilla 2

King Ghidorah

Are you excited to see a monster battle royal in Godzilla 2? Are there other monsters you want to see included as well (Mecha Godzilla maybe)? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.