A lot of mainstream movie fans only know Guillermo Del Toro from his English language movies like Blade II, Hellboy and Pacific Rim. However, his true masterpieces are in his Spanish language films, as Devil’s Backbone is one of the best ghost movies ever made and Pan’s Labyrinth is the best gothic fairy tale movie brought to the big screen. That makes Del Toro’s appearance at Comic-Con 2014 so exciting.

Guillermo Del Toro’s next movie will hit in October 2015 and will bring his Spanish language horror sensibilities to his English-language audience. The movie is Crimson Peak and it has an all-star cast including Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Hunnam.

According to Del Toro in his panel on Saturday, he was only planning on producing the movie but when the studio promised to allow him to make an R-rated horror movie with complete creative control, he couldn’t pass it up. He then showed a promo video of footage from Crimson Peak.

The footage included a look at the house that is the focus of the story with Tom Hiddleston voice over. It also looks quite horrific and blood soaked and the entire thing felt just like the gothic romance that Del Toro loves so much is entrenched in this film.

It looks amazing and as a huge fan of Del Toro’s Spanish-language work, I am very excited.

As for fans of everything Guillermo Del Toro, the director hijacked the appearance much to the chagrin of his producers. He asked the audience if they wanted to see Hellboy 3 (a lot of cheers) and At the Mountains of Madness (more cheers). After that, Tull said they would talk about it after Crimson Peak and Pacific Rim 2.

Are you excited about Crimson Peak? Does the description of the Crimson Peak footage make you even more excited? Let us know in the comment section below.