When Kevin Smith released Red State, it was a pretty shocking movie for people who had gotten used to him just making slacker movies. It also looks like it was the movie that made Smith decide to try to do something different when it came to his filmmaking career. Now that the Tusk trailer is online, I have to say that it looks nothing like a Kevin Smith movie.

Now, there are some moments (like the convenience store scene where Justin Long’s character is asking for directions) that are pure Kevin Smith, but this movie looks like Smith is happily stepping outside his comfort zone.

The movie is about a guy who travels to meet strange and unusual people and interview them for his podcast. When he learns of a reclusive man in Canada, he heads up to interview him only to find himself held captive and learns that the man has plans to force him to dress up as a walrus and be a little less than human.

Michael Parks stars as the recluse, his second turn with Kevin Smith after Red State, and he looks just as crazy and demented as you might expect. Also, look out for Haley Joel Osment, a lot older and a lot chunkier then you might remember from The SIxth Sense.

Check out the Tusk trailer and let us know what you think in the comments.