Warner Bros. surprised the Comic-Con 2014 audiences when they threw out their Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice footage early in their huge panel. The SDCC 2014 footage from the DC Comics tent-pole movie was how Warner Bros. opened their day and it was a huge moment – the second year in a row that DC Comics surprised fans.

The panel started with some Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice footage, mostly focusing on the two main heroes of the title. However, then Zack Snyder came onto the stage and said he put something together for the SDCC 2014 fans. A second video played.  Collider has a description of the footage:

It’s pouring down rain in the night sky.  Batman is an armored suit, his eyes glowing, and standing next to the Bat-Signal.  He pulls down a switch and powers it up.  The Bat-Signal (bearing the new Bat-Symbol) blasts into the sky.  We pan to follow the light, but in the sky, floating in front of the signal, is Superman.  His arms are crossed.  His cape billows in the wind.  Batman, with his mask’s glowing eyes, stares down the Man of Steel.  And the Man of Steel stares back.  His eyes begin to glow red.  Cut back to the Dark Knight.  He is unmoved.  Cut to black.

After that, it was time for Ben Affleck (Batman), Henry Cavill (Superman) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) to take the stage. The three didn’t say anything, and just waved to the audience, but this is the DC Comics Holy Trinity. That is what you call a moment.

Oh yeah, Wonder Woman also got a poster and looks awesome:

Dawn of Justice footage