A couple of weeks back, Roberto Orci announced he had officially left Amazing Spider-Man 3, a movie he was supposed to co-write with his former partner Alex Kurtzman. Some thought he was just saying he didn’t know what the plans were, but now it seems he knew what he was talking about. Kurtzman, who is still on the project as a producer, said that Sony is unsure of what to do about The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

The news came from an interview with Collider where Kurtzman said that The Sinister Six and Venom movies were still coming, but how they would situate around The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was up in the air. While I thought the second┬áSpider-Man movie was really fun and had a lot of positive moments, the overall consensus of the Internet community was that it wasn’t very good.

We can agree to disagree, but Sony must not have high praise for it either because it looks like The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is on hold.

However, Kurtzman said that The Sinister Six is still coming with Drew Goddard is directing. He made a great analogy that makes it sound exciting when he compared the idea to The Wild Bunch and Wages of Fear, movies where you end up cheering for the bad guys. He also said Venom is on the say, a movie he will direct, and that it will follow The Sinister Six.

Kurtzman also revealed that the Felicia from Amazing Spider-Man 2 really was Felicia Hardy – The Black Cat – and Sony might consider giving her a solo movie as well. In the end, Alex Kurtzman said that they are not worrying about the status of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 because the spin-off movies will have to stand on their own without connecting with anything.

What are your thoughts about the status of The Amazing Spider-Man? Are you excited about the spin-offs, even if you might not have liked the Spider-Man movies? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.