F. Javier Guiterrez is hammering out a career in Hollywood that could either kill his career or make him a star. When a young director named Zack Snyder decided to start his career with a remake of Dawn of the Dead and then took on one of the most beloved comic books of all time with The Watchmen, it made him a huge Hollywood player because both movies were very good.

While Guiterrez is not taking on a horror movie as beloved as Dawn of the Dead or a property as respected as The Watchmen, he is still making a name for himself in a similar style. First up, he is rebooting The Crow, a movie that has a HUGE cult following and is one of the best early comic book adaptations in cinema.

Now. Deadline reports that he will follow that up with the second American-made sequel in The Ring franchise with The Ring 3. While it is not as respected as Dawn of the Dead, it is still the best American remake of an Asian horror film. Honestly, that movie creeped me out hardcore when I saw it in theaters. Sure, it was followed by American remake garbage like The Grudge, Dark Water and The Eye, but The Ring did it right.

Now, the big question is how F. Javier Guiterrez will make The Ring 3 relevant in today’s world. The original movie was about a video tape that kids watched, only to receive a phone call announcing their death which came a week later. I dare you to name one kid who owns a VCR now.

If you ask me, they should change it to an Internet video, one where the kids have to learn about it and have a password, and once they unlock the video and watch it, they get an email and then die a week later. Plus, then that creepy Samara can crawl out of a computer monitor or something.

So, can he do it – succeed with these risky movies? Well, check out this short film he made and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.