Kevin Feige was one of Edgar Wright’s biggest supporters when it came to his work on Ant-Man. A lot of people don’t realize that Wright was working on getting Ant-Man made before Marvel decided to team everyone up as The Avengers and a lot of their plans was while working behind the scenes with Wright. That made Edgar Wright walking off of the Ant-Man movie so strange when it happened.

Now, Peyton Reed is a good choice for Ant-Man and if he had been hired instead of Edgar Wright in the first place, it could have been a positive thing. The problem with Ant-Man is that people will look at Reed’s movie and always wonder what could have been. That makes it no surprise to see Marvel leap into action to change public perception about the movie.

“Peyton is really, really wonderful, and will be proving that soon enough, Feige told IGN in a recent interview. “As I said to the Comic-Con audience a few years ago, ‘You might not have heard of [Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors] Joe and Antony Russo, but you’re going to be big fans of them soon.’ And I’d say the same thing about Peyton Reed now.”

Feige is probably right. Reed worked on the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and The Weird Al Show, so he has a strange sense of humor that should work wonders in Ant-Man. Of course, pe0ple are just talking about Bring it On and Yes Man. I prefer to look at how good he was before that.

But, what happened to Edgar Wright, anyway? No one knows and there is probably a NDA in action that will keep Wright from telling his side of the story for a few years. Most people think that Marvel didn’t want Edgar Wright to be Edgar Wright, which would have been stupid because he is bloody brilliant. Feige said that is not the case.

“The Marvel movies are very collaborative, and I think they are more collaborative than what he had been used to,” Feige told The Guardian. “And I totally respect that. [But] the notion that Marvel was scared, the vision was too good, too far out for Marvel is not true. And I don’t want to talk too much about that because I think our movies speak to that. Go look at Iron Man 3; go look at The Winter Soldier; go see Guardians of the Galaxy later this month. It would have to be really out there to be too out there for us.”

Sadly, nothing will quiet the doubters, and even if Peyton Reed knocks it out of the park, he is in a no-win situation. If Ant-Man is great, it will be because of the work Edgar Wright did on it before leaving. If Ant-Man sucks, it will all be because Wright left. Either way, many will think the movie would have been better with Wright over anyone else.

What are your thoughts? Will you give Ant-Man a chance or pre-judge it before stepping into the theater? Lets talk Ant-Man and Edgar Wright in the comments.