The Flash TV show is coming to the CW and has a ton of good buzz heading into its debut season. The show it is spun off of is one of the best comic book shows on TV in Arrow, and while the costume looks kind of bad in some promos, the pilot is said to be really good. Now, there is more Flash TV show news as one of the most famous of the Rogues Gallery has been cast. Prison Break star Wentworth Miller will play Captain Cold.

If you don’t know who Captain Cold is, you don’t know anything about The Flash comic books.

The Rogues Gallery may not have mainstream popular characters, but for DC Comics fans, the villains here – as a group – are as great as any in comics. Unlike Batman’s villains, who often hate each other and would eat one another before working together, the Rogues Gallery have no problem working as a unit.

Not only that, but they are also villains who live and work with an actual code of conduct. They won’t kill unless they are put in a kill or be killed situation and with someone the stature of Wentworth Miller cast as Captain Cold, it is clear that the Rogues will be treated seriously.

Plus, Geoff Johns said that The Flash TV show is “probably the most faithful DC Comics adaptation ever… We’ll add some things of our own, but we’ll incorporate almost all the mythology of the comic — particularly in the first nine episodes.” How freaking cool is that?

It was also reported that Captain Cold will get an actual origin story and not just show up as a random villain. His appearance will start to lay the foundation for the rest of the Rogues Gallery to start to come into the series. In the comics, Captain Cold is basically the leader of the Rogues Gallery, so getting a big name to play him makes sense.

The pilot trailer showed someone who is likely the Weather Wizard, so expect more to come throughout season one. Are you excited about Captain Cold coming to The Flash TV show and getting Wentworth Miller cast in the role? Will the show be as good as advertised? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Check out the following promo video of The Flash TV show as well.