Kevin Smith ain’t going to be happy about this one. Michael Dougherty, the director of the supremely awesome horror anthology Trick ‘R Treat, has a new movie he is directing. That movie is called Krampus. Of course, if people remember right, Kevin Smith wants to make a movie that was originally called Comes the Krampus.

Renegade Cinema brought you the news about Smith’s version of Comes the Krampus in January. Smith described the movie as a Creepshow styled anthology horror movie with a “freaky framing device.” Smith came up with the idea while recording one episode of his SmodCast. Of course, the Krampus is a creature that, instead of bringing presents to good kids, eats the bad ones. Kevin Smith’s movie has been renamed Anti-Klaus.

KrampusLegendary Pictures is now making a Krampus movie with Dougherty at the helm. It is about the exact same creature. According to Deadline, Krampus is “a twisted horror comedy set around the Christmas holiday.” The site also says that Krampus will share a similar tone as Trick ‘R Treat.

Now, I love Kevin Smith and just about everything he has made. Comes the Krampus was going to have four stories in the anthology. Each was going to be directed by a different person – Jason Mewes, Carol Banker, Jennifer Schwalbach and co-writer Andy McElfresh. That sounds interesting.

However, thinking of Michael Dougherty returning to the same sort of film that he made with Trick ‘R Treat is something I don’t want to miss. For those who haven’t seen Trick ‘R Treat, it is an anthology movie with different horror stories taking place in a small town on Halloween. Trust me, if you see the movie once, you will watch it again every Halloween. It’s that good.

Kevin Smith said he planned to shoot Anti-Klaus after Clerks III was wrapped. Knowing Smith, it could take longer than that. His next movie hits theaters this year with the horror film Tusk. The Legendary Pictures version of Krampus could show up as early as Christmas 2015. The race is on.